Laying Down The Law

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Rule: You can't include sex in a spanking video... Who made that rule? And isn't it obsolete? Nowadays, every hardcore producer gives a nod to B&D. And spankings have cropped up in adult feature films ever since "Debbie Does Dallas". So why not have a video that authentically portrays both the spanking and the sex, with the emphasis on spanking throughout? "Laying Down the Law" is the first spanking and sex video from Shadow Lane! Exhibitionistic Jill (Angella Faith) is driving through the Hollywood hills when she decides to have some fun with a stern motorcycle cop. Stripping off her clothes, she gets his attention fast. Officer Steele puts on his siren and pursues Jill through the canyon. She doesn't stop, however, proceeding instead to her mansion, where she manages to pull her clothes back on before answering his pounding at the door. Steele lectures Jill as to the impropriety of driving naked. After writing her a citation he declares that rather than clog the over-burdened legal system with her misdemeanor, he will himself administer justice in the form of an over the knee, bare bottom spanking. The spanking progresses rapidly from the seat of her cute capri pants to her smooth, firm, bare behind. But Jill is such a sexy little flirt, that the Officer can't resist masturbating her as well while she is over his knee. Hairbrush spanking and pussy spanking follow, along with the insertion of a dildo into Jill's vagina. Since, by her own admission, Jill has only violated the law to get the officer's attention, Steele does not hesitate to satisfy her need for hard-hitting dominant sex, while in the spirit of reciprocity, Jill offers the officer head. Lean, sinewy and very well endowed, Officer Steele makes a handsome partner for the pretty blonde and soon takes her in classic style. But even as the sexual portions of the scenario unfold, the spanking continues throughout! Laying Down the Law is a superb couples' video, especially where the women is into spanking but her mate doesn't fully understand how to combine spanking with other forms of eroticism to transport her to ecstasy. Laying Down the Law features safe-sex protected with a condom, just as it always should be with a stranger. Hot points include: Jill giving head to Officer Steele while she is half-lying across his lap-allowing him full spanking access to her bottom, and sex in the popular doggy-style. Truly Laying Down the Law has everything a fan of spanking and hardcore could desire, including a climax shot. Angela Faith as Jill is delightfully naughty and prettier than ever while Butch Simms is excellent as the unsmiling public servant who capably takes the law into his own hands. Unremitting spanking, hard sex (and that indefinable touch of innocence that still characterizes all of our tapes, no matter how raunchy we get) make "Laying Down the Law" (SLV-064d) a must for every spanking sensualist and collector of rare spanking erotica.

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