In the Red

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

Angella Faith plays a sensual minx whose decadent habits get her ...In The Red! Featuring: Traditional Over the Knee Spanking, Anal Masturbation, Oral Sex for Him and Her and a ton of Hardcore Intercourse! Angella's boyfriend Mike is not amused to learn that his beloved has run up their charge card at an expensive therapy clinic, where the principal treatment (anal masturbation) results in rejuvenating orgasms for its sexually bored female clients. Determined to prove to Angella that she can get all the thrills she needs at home, and also to punish her for her secret profligacy, Mike orders her out of her bubble bath and over his knee for a long, hard spanking. Once she has been disciplined into a state of quivering compliance, Mike demonstrates that one doesn't have to be an accredited discipline therapist to know how to insert a butt plug into the bottom of a bad girl. Moving masterfully from chair to bed and from punishment to (strict) pleasuring, Mike proceeds to ravish his darling in a number of creatively dominant ways, possessing her in a series bold and beautiful positions and trading ravenous rounds of oral sex with his lover, all the way to "69"! Here is a scene of passionate and fluid love making between two real life sweethearts that is both erotic and disciplinary, as the spanking continues throughout! Running time: 52 minutes.

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