Double Feature #2

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

Act One The Trouble With Erica. Starring Chelsea Pfeiffer and Lawrence Selden It's Christmas morning and spoiled brat Erica is so disappointed in the chintzy gift Larry gave her that she hurls it at him. Not surprisingly, she immediately finds herself across his knee, receiving a long, hard spanking. This section also includes a modest little caning, the kind you might want to give a curious beginner. Like Tony and Eve, this tape is both romantic and realistic, because Larry and Chelsea are really going out together. Act Two: The Social Embarrassment. Starring Sandy Deveraux and Ralph Marvell Sandy, a pretty, poised young woman from Chicago, is generally dominant when she plays, but with her beautiful bottom and long, lovely legs, we couldn't resist asking her to go sub for just one Shadow Lane tape, and she agreed, choosing Ralph as her dom. What they gave us was an even more intense scene than we had envisioned, the climax of which left Sandy in tears, a circumstance which has only occurred two other times in Shadow Lane tapes: Blue Denim and Naughty Secretaries Week. Of course, we didn't mean for Ralph to spank (and strap) her that hard, but Sandy is an experienced player. She knew the mercy word and opted not to say it. That's because Sandy is real. And real people like to go the limit in their scenes. It's almost a point of pride.

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