Disciplinarian Librarian

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Starring Mistress Gemini and Jewell Marceau. In Disciplinarian Librarian, Jewell receives a summons to the Central Library to account for 22 books which have been missing for five years. The Librarian (Mistress Gemini) insists that Jewell either produce the pilfered literature at once, or submit to immediate corporal punishment for her wantonly selfish behavior. Jewell doesn't question the Librarian's authority but attempts to assuage the implacable disciplinarian before her with facile excuses for her behavior. But it won't wash. Jewell has deprived the other members of the library of access to such books as Frank and I and The Story of O for years. Letting the punishment fit the crime, The Librarian sets out to paddle some ethics into the casual sensualist, while describing additional humiliations to follow. In addition to being paddled and spanked and strapped and caned, Jewell is told to prepare herself for double penetration by a pair of pink vibrating ovoids connected to a battery pack which The Librarian intends to control. And what is more, Jewell is informed that secret cameras will record her embarrassing punishment, in order that video tapes may be made of it and sent to every library member who has been disappointed in searching for the books that Jewell has taken away and never returned. The Librarian is neither nice nor kind. She is exacting and ruthless in carrying out the discipline she deems proper for the careless offender. Paddled and plugged, in both pussy and anus is the order of the day for the girl who took the best B&D books out of the library and never brought them back. And then there is the London Tanner, a wicked black razor strop, to help The Librarian make her point to the recalcitrant young reader. Jewell protests that she has taken the knowledge she has absorbed from the erotic books and spread joy with it. The Librarian is not impressed and sharply reproves her wriggling guest with the withering sarcasm English women do best while lambasting Jewell's exquisite bottom with the hardest leather strap she possesses. It's double penetration for a naughty adventuress. And for the grand finale, a caning while double plugged. And a good caning at that. Female spanks female doesn't get hotter than this. Disciplinarian Librarian introduces the dynamic Mistress Gemini and the delectable Jewell Marceau to Shadow Lane. Both are well known in the larger B&D community. Jewell Marceau was bondage model of the year in 2006. Mistress Gemini is British by birth but now resides in the states. Both have wonderful style and are exciting players. This scene is severe but sexy and sizzling hot, with good hard discipline plus deep penetration, both vaginal and anal. It's spanking and masturbation at its most elemental, with an authoritative woman forcing a submissive girl to feel the pain and perhaps a bit of pleasure besides. You'll love Gemini's no-nonsense scolding and her strict though excellent techniques. Jewell Marceau is a charming and elegant minx who will beguile and seduce you with her soft submissiveness and high tolerance for serious corporal punishment, to say nothing of the long-haired beauty's stunning body. Disciplinarian Librarian is a feast for the eye and the senses, guaranteed to appeal to all fans of explicitly sexual woman spanks girl erotica.

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