Dept Store Discipline

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Starring Amelia Rutherford as Miss St. Clair, Samantha Grace as Bonnie and Steve Fuller as Mr. Bartlett. Written by Steve Fuller and Amelia Rutherford, directed by Eve Howard. Synopsis of the Drama: Gambol's Department Store, Ten a.m. Employee's Lounge, Bonnie (Samantha Grace), a lingerie salesgirl, has been caught by her supervisor, Miss St. Clair (Amelia Rutherford), shop lifting a lace combination. Miss St. Clair takes her to the store manager, Mr. Bartlett (Steve Fuller) and forces a strip search on the protesting girl, who submits rather than brave the police, with which she is naturally threatened by her stern superiors. It is soon apparent that Bonnie has indeed intended to smuggle lingerie out of the store, as is proven by the tags on the bra, panties and garter belt that she has on. Bonnie is told that she can avoid arrest if she submits to in house discipline for the crime of theft. What choice does she have but to agree? (Fussy, obsessive compulsive enthusiasts will love the official check list for the proper administration of workplace corporal punishment that must be signed off on by management before a spanking may be considered complete.) Soundly spanked and firmly corrected, Bonnie is sent back to the floor to resume her work, while the haughty Miss St. Clair is sternly admonished by Mr. Fuller for enjoying the show a little too much. At this point it is clear that the tall, elegant department manager's turn is coming soon. The Next Day: Miss St. Clair takes it upon herself to correct Bonnie's tendency to not clean out dressing rooms in a timely manner. In short, she spanks her well! As the manager of the Lingerie Department, Miss St. Clair represents the stringently regimented sector of middle management, who exists to uphold rules and regulate behavior. But like all bullies, she is quickly cowed by a superior authority. Mr. Bartlett is stunned to find Miss St. Clair spanking Bonnie, as only the store manager is permitted the liberty of disciplining employees via corporal punishment. Therefore, Bonnie is sent to the corner while Miss St. Clair gets her first spanking from her boss. And you can bet it's a good one. After the Xmas Party: At the office Christmas Party, Miss St. Clair lets down her hair and decides it's time to be a pal to Bonnie. The girls drink too many cocktails and embarrass Mr. Bartlett in front of the owner of the store. Discipline is administered immediately. Both girls are spanked over Mr. Bartlett's knee and then both are made to kneel on the bed for a good paddling with the corporate paddle. This is a luscious and scintillating scene, combining the traditional feel of strict discipline with the stripped-down-to-their-undies appeal of bedroom discipline. Mr. Bartlett is an uncompromising disciplinarian who has no compunctions about wearing out his arm or exhausting his rich store of sarcastic remarks on naughty girls. This scene is blazing hot. About our Cast : Department Store Discipline was written by Steve Fuller and Ameila Rutherford. Amelia Rutherford, of the U.K., is a beautiful, brilliant, charismatic ball of fire that lights up the screen with vivacity, fun and a thrilling sense of total involvement in whatever scene she participates in. With her cultured London accent, quick, ironic wit and showgirl figure, this divinely tall and lissome young woman simply takes one's breath away. In action she is just what one wants: verbal, sensitive, reactive, spirited, yet deep down, terribly submissive. Need we add that she takes a great spanking? Get ready to fall in love with Amelia Rutherford. Samantha Grace is a lovely, soft-spoken, classically curvaceous brunette, cast in the seductive Betty Page mold. Samantha came to us from Ohio, but travels the country extensively, filming fetish videos and posing for glamour photos. This was the first video where a man spanked her and she acquitted herself splendidly, taking a large amount of hard spanking with a surfeit of shy and charming submissiveness. You can see by the rosy state of her delicious bottom just how dedicated Samantha is to verisimilitude in her fetish work. With their contrasting looks and personalities, Samantha was the perfect foil for Amelia, the one soft and yielding, the other outspoken and resistant, each working their feminine wiles to no avail with their businesslike, ultra disciplinarian boss. Steve Fuller never breaks character or deadpan. He is a consummate spanker and the clever, on point dialog that tumbles from his lips never ceases to delight a traditionally minded audience. Between Steve's trenchant scolding, Amelia's keen observations and engaging opinions and Samantha's endearing protestations of innocence and compliance, every verbal hot button in the spanking mystique got hit in this production. This mixture of an exceptionally handsome cast, extremely dynamic spanking action and sparkling dialog adds up to a video that satisfies on every level. Running time: 1 hour.

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