Dangerous Blondes

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Starring Chloe Elise, Amber Pixie Wells, Rucca Page, Arthur Sire and Danny Chrighton. The Discipline Therapy Clinic is once again open for business, with two new behavioral therapists in charge of curing incorrigible females of their character flaws, one spanking at a time. Dr. Redmond Barry (Danny Chrighton) and Dr. Kurt Camphor (Arthur Sire) interview and begin treatment on two new patients seeking to improve their behavior this day. Gretchen Van Allen (Chloe Elise) and Heather Heller (Amber Pixie Wells) know they are bad and know it is wrong to be so. Gretchen comes to the clinic to be cured of her propensity to gossip. Heather is a bride to be who is concerned that her uncontrollable bossiness will cause her attractive fiancŽ to call off the wedding. In both cases, spanking is the prescribed therapy and it commences at once. In the first scene, Arthur takes the comely and quietly rebellious Chloe over his knee. There is a battle of the wills but the doctor with the hard hand and steely determination soon gains complete control over his charge. It's a four-alarm start to a day at the office that only gets hotter as it progresses. Next, Danny teaches Amber how to be much less bossy in the time-honored fashion. The petite blonde cannot fail to be impressed by her new doctor's professionally detached demeanor, as he relentlessly applies his hard palm to her tender backside until it is glowing dark pink. The third spanking session occurs the following week. When Nurse Page makes a mistake and double books Gretchen and Heather for their follow up appointments in the well equipped corporal punishment chamber, the doctors solve the problem by conducting a group therapy session, wherein each is able to give a good spanking to the patient he didn't see on her first visit. The girls are set opposite to each other so each can see the other's face while both are spanked hard by the two good looking, well dressed professionals. But a spanking doctor's work is never done. There is still Nurse Page's behavioral problem to be worked on. The voluptuous brunette feels compelled to confess to Dr. K. that she has been partying too much and asks if the therapy that he and Dr. B. have been giving their patients so successfully might also work for her. The doctors confer and decide that they will conduct a dual therapy session with Nurse Page, taking turns spanking her. This two-man spanking one girl scene was created especially to please our many female customers who have cited this as a favorite fantasy. Here it is done to absolute perfection, with Rucca being soundly spanked by one, while having her hands held and gazing into the eyes of the other. This scene is not only very hot, but as the doctors are in an obvious competition with each other for both their clients and their nurse, dramatically arresting as well. You'll likely never find this kind of character development in any but a Shadow Lane video. This video is crammed with stern spanking, gorgeous bare bottoms, fantastic reactions, wonderful chemistry, exciting dialog and five terrific, individual personalities, all of whom are engaged and engaging. And to top it all off, the lengthy running time gives you two video's worth of action for the price of one! Running time one hour and 15 minutes.

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