Careless Lips

$ 19.95


Starring Cheyenne Jewel and Sophia Locke. 

Featuring Spanking and Dildo Discipline! About to lunch with some industry friends, Cheyenne warns Sophia not to blurt out any info on the hot new website they are designing, threatening to spank Sophia hard if she gives away any secrets. Intrigued by the notion of making Cheyenne mad, Sophia deliberately disobeys Chey's orders and earns herself a bare bottom spanking plus much more from her dominant girlfriend. Before she is done with Sophia, Cheyenne has stripped and spread the redhead and inserted a huge dildo into Sophia's tiny pussy, resulting in a throbbingly real orgasm with a visible squirt at the climax. Super explicit female on female action between two of the loveliest girls in the spanking scene animates the scintillatingly erotic Careless Lips. 

Includes special bonus scene! TEAM MOM MOUTH SOAPS CLARE starring Eve Howard and Clare Fonda. The soccer moms get together and appoint Eve official disciplinarian to rein in the rowdy wife of the snacks concessionaire at the park. This casual slut has been using all sorts of profanity and other improper language in front of the players and Eve and the other moms are pissed. Eve shoves a big bar of soap into Clare's mouth to teach her not to use dirty language in front of innocents. To further humiliate the out-of-control trash talking blonde, Eve forces Clare to strip off her thin, revealing jersey shift and put on a more decent frock before appearing in the game park again. 

Running time: 34 minutes

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