Cabin Fever

$ 19.95

Starring Clare Fonda, Amber Wells, Steve Fuller and Keith Jones. Snowed in, in a mountain cabin, Steve and Keith break out the cards and tequila, prepared to make the best of a bad situation. But Clare and Amber are bored, which leads to annoying behavior, that makes their escorts mad. Steve and Keith give the girls fair warning of what will happen if they don't settle down, but Miss Fonda and Miss Wells prefer to swallow shots and bait the card players, becoming progressively more obnoxious and inevitably ruining the poker game. Finally it is obvious to the men that their flighty companions will not be satisfied until they have received the attention they deserve. Without further deliberation, Mr. Fuller and Mr. Jones seize their mischievous mates, thrust them over their laps and proceed to spank them smartly. Clare and Amber are spanked over the skirts of their sexy cocktail dresses, on the seats of their dainty panties and most of all, on their ravishing bare bottoms, until those shapely orbs are infused with blushes and radiant with heat. And yet, a great deal of firm and focused corporal punishment is required to make the conspiring cohorts the slightest bit repentant and it is administered in a number of different combinations in the course of the evening. Steve begins by spanking Amber and Keith by spanking Clare. The girls continue naughty. Now Steve spanks Clare and Keith spanks Amber. It's beginning to occur to the quartet of stranded vacationers, that spanking may be a more interesting way to kill time on a snowy day than card playing. However, there's money on the table and the men are determined to get back to their game. The girls promise to behave if they can play too, so Keith and Steve agree to teach them the game. By this time Clare and Amber have nipped at the bottle a little too often to concentrate on poker and immediately revert to the type of antics that originally landed them face down across Steve and Keith's laps. Keith and Steve give up on the game and once again take their dates in hand, refreshing the pinkness in their bottoms even more purposefully than before. Keith spanks both girls at the same time as they lie on their tummies face down on the bed. Then Steve does the same. Clare and Amber have very rosy bottoms by now but this is not the end by any means. For during the final rotation, each girl experiences being spanked by the two men at once, with one man holding her and the other spanking her. In this all-hand spanking video, a brief interval of (paddle ball) paddling occurs, as a fitting response to the girls breaking the guy's concentration by playing with their paddleballs behind the poker table. This is only one prank the girls play to provoke the hard spankings they receive, but we won't give away any of the others because they're super cute and you should discover them for yourselves while watching the video. Cabin Fever is full of fantasies come true, from the perfect chemistry between the four players to the vivacity of the dialog to the vigor of the numerous splendid spankings this video drama contains. Women rarely come more charmingly spankable than Clare Fonda and Amber Wells, nor men more handsomely capable than Steve Fuller and Keith Jones. With its combination of engaging personalities, provocative mischief and excitingly disciplinary spanking, this is about as close as we've come to capturing the fun, romantic feel of an Eve Howard Shadow Lane story on film. Make no mistake, this one is severe, but it's full of whimsy and tasteful bare bottom eroticism as well. If you've relished Shadow Lane classics like Blue Denim and Spoiled Rotten, Cabin Fever belongs in your collection. It's the kind of spanking video that will make you feel good about being into spanking. If you've never seen a Shadow Lane video before, you can't go wrong making Cabin Fever your first. Running time: 50 minutes.

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