BRAT Whack!

$ 19.95

A Shadow Lane double feature starring Katherine St. James as Julie, Kyle Johnson as her boyfriend Rick and Gretta Carlson as Mrs. Manners, her mother.

Act 1 Brat Whack: A hardworking businesswoman (Gretta Carlson) finds her daughter lazing around in pajamas mid morning instead of attending her college classes. Plus Julie is rude and demands her allowance. Realizing her daughter is spoiled rotten, Mrs. Manner takes immediate action and gives the badly behaved babe the spanking she deserves. A second (hard hair brush) spanking is administered to the adorable but oh so naughty Julie, after her mother discovers all manner of illicit items in her baby's purse. The exciting and vivacious production marks Gretta's triumphant return after a 9 year absence from videos. She looks and sounds totally convincing as the little blonde's concerned and loving parent, administering the strict bare bottom discipline her bad girl so richly deserves. Fantastic spanking action highlights this domestic scene.

Act 2 Little Teaser: Julie Manners is used to teasing her boyfriend to near insanity with her luscious little body and flirtatious ways. But one afternoon, she goes too far, blatantly coming onto him, then laughing at his desire. It's the last straw as far as Rick is concerned and he takes her over his knee to air his displeasure, via a very hard spanking, starting on her skirt, progressing to her cute panties, then vigorously proceeding to her beautiful, curvaceous bare bottom. Determined to spank the provocative coed until she yields a few concessions, Rick doesn't spare his hand. Finally, Julie agrees to let him see her completely nude for the first time. She strips off her clothes and shows off her natural charms to her sweetheart, but then continues to tease him, allowing her hand to brush against the front of his pants, as though by accident. But she doesn't let him touch her in return. More teasing results in more spanking. And though she never yields all to her ardent admirer onscreen, she does get an even redder bottom for driving a pretty nice boyfriend crazy.

This video introduces two delightful new talents to Shadow Lane viewers, the exquisite Katherine St. James and her big, strapping, forceful, traditional and extremely articulate 22 year old top Kyle Johnson. Together they are dynamite in a classically provocative scenario that features the fully nude spanking of a cute, small girl with a very large tolerance for pain.

Running time: 60 minutes.

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