$ 19.95

Maggie (Desi D'Angelo), known in cyberspace as "Autobrat" has been baiting on-line dominant Dennis (John Wilmot) for months with provocative e-mail on the subject of spanking. While visiting Los Angeles, Dennis invites Maggie to meet for a play date. Attractive, vivacious and unremittingly sarcastic, Maggie arrives at his hotel late and with plenty of attitude. Stung by her rudeness, the young man of few words responds by turning her over his knee and administering a hard spanking to the pretty termagant. Hand and hairbrush are the principal tools of correction in this all over-the-knee scenario. This is an unusual tape for Shadow Lane in that the principals never actually warmed up to each other and there isn't a scrap of romance in the thing. Let it serve as object lesson to all players and dreamers in the scene: don't expect perfect chemistry 100% of the time. Whether in the scene or out, a blind date is still a blind date, with all the uncertainty and potential clash of temperaments that term implies.

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