Authority Figure

$ 19.95

Starring Abigail Whittaker, Kailee and Lance Del Toro. Mr. Brewster checked their references. Which naturally made the girls nervous. Their references were terrible. Abby said, "There must be some mistake." While Kay added, "Everybody loves us!" Then why, Mr. Brewster persisted, did they keep getting fired? Abby claimed there had been misunderstandings, but none of them had been their fault. Mr. Brewster, in desperate need of au pair girls to care for his household and son, agrees to hire them. But adds the caveat that if they misbehave they will be spanked! The girls dismiss the possibility as absurd, as are they not two angels? But of course they immediately let Mr. Brewster down, running up an outrageous phone bill text messaging each other and with such messages as imply that the girls have been caviler about Mr. Brewster's little boy at best, while drinking and carrying on in his home. Mr. Brewster is livid when he reads the incriminating text messages, insisting that the girls also read them, aloud, while bent over with their skirts up. Mr. Brewster finds it necessary to discipline both Abby and Kay, for it is obvious that they are a pair of unrepentantly irresponsible brats, who, far from taking their jobs seriously, regard them as a joke. Unfortunately for them, they soon discover themselves to be the butt of the joke. Mr. Brewster is extremely strict and harsh with the two little degenerates, not only for their own good but because he is righteously indignant, the best sort of indignant! Mr. Brewster spanks them over his knee and spanks them while they are bent over a table, side by side. Partners in crime and punishment. But the adorable female offenders learn little from their first round of corporal punishment. They go away with sore, red bottoms, but their souls remained untouched by the chastisement and they seem to vow, by tacit agreement, to sin again as soon as possible. Mr. Brewster is going away on business. The girls know their duties and pledge to observe them punctiliously. Naturally, they are lying, and plan to begin raising hell as soon as Mr. Brewster drives away. Extra relaxed, because their boss is to be gone days instead of hours this time, Abby and Kay retire to the master bedroom to disport themselves on Mr. Brewster's bed. But before you can say, "wanton caresses", Mr. Brewster bursts in on them and catches them in the act of tentatively fooling around. This time Mr. Brewster really loses it. He's well beyond teed off at at his child's lascivious caretakers. The lad being far away on a playdate, the girls plead for mercy, intimating that what Mr. Brewster has just witnessed amounted to almost nothing. But Mr. Brewster will not be placated by empty excuses. The fact is that he caught him on his bed, being naughty. And this is unacceptable employee behavior. Mr. Brewster lays into the two girls with hand, paddle and strap, making them deeply regret they ever decided to be bad in his home. This video will thrill the most exacting connoisseur of traditional corporal punishment. The two young ladies are exceptionally pretty, exquisitely shapely and classically submissive; the authority figure of the title, a handsome martinet of the old school. As Shadow Lane fantasies go, this is one of the most politically incorrect and for that reason, it's pretty hot! Running time: 47 minutes.

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