Aunt Stella

$ 19.95

Incorrigible Joey (Vinnie Spit) gets caught spying on his provocative Aunt Stella, an Amazonian mistress (portrayed by The Contessa) and her guest Pauline, a lissome fetish model, as they try a new corset on Pauline. A firm believer in quick, effective discipline for punk relations, Aunt Stella spanks the living daylights out of Joey, just to warm him up for the paddle and strap. The meticulous but somewhat flighty Pauline also comes in for a good spanking over Stella's ample lap for still clinging to fantasies of docile submission when she ought to be taking her rightful place as a dominant woman in the world. Pauline takes a very good spanking, and is then inspired to give one to the insolent Joey. The leggy redhead, in a sleek new undie set and cute shoes, learns how to swing a strap under Stella's tutelage to everyone's satisfaction but Joey's, whose skin is very tender and well punished by now. But wait, there's more! Joey takes lots more from both powerful young women, as they wear out their arms attempting to spank some respect into the boy. This is one of those more for your money videos we often do at Shadow Lane. There was no need to add Pauline to the mix, since the Contessa is a force of nature all on her own, but we felt the scenario reflected life in the scene as it often plays out. A mistress will visit a mistress, a male submissive will happen to be present, and that lucky boy, if he's cute enough and not too fresh, will be spoiled by the attentions of both on a mutually dominant whim.

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