A Lover's Discipline III

$ 19.95

Starring Ava Barton and Arthur Sire. Real spanking, real lovers, real marks, real tears. Shadow Lane's 100th video celebrates the romance of discipline with an hour and ten minute spanking tour de force, featuring a beautiful young couple who originally met on a Shadow Lane shoot and promptly fell in love. Both Arthur and Ava are experienced players, who enjoy playing long and hard. This scenario follows them into their bedroom after an evening out, during which Ava has flirted and flitted around a scene party, inflaming her partner with a type of jealousy that does her heart (but not her bottom) good. When Arthur gets Ava home he immediately makes his displeasure known by turning her over his knee and warming the seat of her glove tight pvc skirt until she realizes that her behavior has been far less than perfect that night. Progressing to her black lace panties and then to her pristine bare bottom, with both his hand and a full complement of corporal punishment implements, Arthur soon gets Ava's full attention as well as some of the best reactions we have ever filmed. In the course of this seventy minute video, a slapper, a strap, a Spencer paddle, rubber and leather floggers, several tawses, a riding crop and a lexan cane are sternly employed by Ava's lover to elicit a wide variety of emotional and physical responses, from sighing to panting to kicking to crying with genuine tears. Here is a satisfyingly strict yet tenderly romantic discipline session, complete with compliments and caresses, scolding and kisses, intense corporal punishment and in depth verbal communication between top and bottom that will thrill and delight everyone who believes that spanking is for spanking people only and that for spanking people only, spanking is the fondest expression of love. Running time: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

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