A Lover' Discipline 2

$ 19.95

A Lover's Discipline I was our best selling tape for years because it was the first Shadow Lane video to contain masturbation of the lady while over the gentleman's knee. Now Angela Faith returns in A Lover's Discipline II, a tempestuous domestic interlude that plunges deep into erotic punishment, by palm, paddle and anal plug. Act 1: Frustrated Lust After repulsing her lover's ardent a.m. overtures and bundling him off to work, Jill pulls her panties down and masturbates with a vibrator and hardcore magazine. Carmine, who left his briefcase behind, returns and catches her, after which there's hell to pay. He spanks her hard! But as soon as Carmine leaves the second time, carrying Jill's box of toys, but forgetting his jacket, she pulls out a different vibrator and resuming her original, naughty, bottom jutting position, begins to masturbate again! Again he returns and this time she is spanked even harder, and promised a really severe punishment, involving all of her bad girl toys, when he gets home from work. Act Two: Bedroom Discipline Carmine returns home in a better mood but determined to continue with the discipline of his wayward lover. Jill doesn't argue, though Carmine's hand severely stings her bare bottom. Carmine's imperative: To punish Jill in an embarrassing way. Jill is spanked and deeply masturbated across Carmine's knee, first vaginally and later, anally. Not shown: a long, hard, incredibly erotic butt plug spanking sequence. Fans of anal discipline will fully appreciate the intensity of this scene. Spanking, paddling, birching, caning, cropping, strapping, vaginal and anal penetration as well as some lovely hugs and kisses form the content of this beautiful, warm, sexy and serious spanking video. A Lover's Discipline 2 (SLV-072d) is a 55 minute video.

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