Sting Operation 3 Faculty Edition

$ 19.95


Starring Dee Williams (the artist formerly known as Darling) and Butch Simms

A dishonest academic is exposed - then covered with shame!

Act 1 Over the Knee

Appointed to head a special task force devoted to uncovering academic fraud, Butch Simms assumes the role of proctor, on a day he knows a notorious paid test taker is due to show up at Braemar Junior College, to take a make-up exam for one Pamela Andrews. When the beautiful blonde arrives, dressed in a tight top, short skirt and well-behaved t-straps, and produces her fake ID, Mr. Simms is convinced that a fraud is about to be perpetrated. The ersatz student completes her exam in seven minutes and turns in her work, expecting to be allowed to leave, and job well done. But Mr. Simms sternly confronts the dishonest teacher from a neighboring school, with her many acts of academic chicanery, including selling term papers to lazy students, presenting the punitive options before her. Miss Williams, as her name really is, may either be exposed and dismissed from her position, or exposed and severely spanked for her multiple misdeeds!

Eager to avoid academic disgrace at all costs, Miss Williams submissively agrees to accept the corporal punishment, and is instantly taken across Mr. Simm's muscle corded lap, for the spanking of her life. The spanking begins on her skirt and panties and progresses, by and by, to the baring of her smooth, firm, well-rounded, athletic bottom; and turning it dark red with a series of well placed smacks. Miss Williams reacts like a sensitive girl who is rarely, if ever, treated in this manner, whimpering and crying with pain and humiliation.

Act 2 Bent over nude

In the second phase of her punishment, Miss Williams, is ordered to remove her clothing and bend over the table's edge, while Mr. Simms scolds her squandering her intellectual gifts on unethical practices. Miss Williams gasps and wails as his hard hand comes down inexorably, again and again on her blazing backside. While all of this is going on, Mr. Simms ignores the eye-popping attractions before him, and sticks to discipline in all of his dealings with the gorgeous, leggy scofflaw.

Act 3 Across the Spanking Bench

The final sequence of Miss William's thorough hand spanking is prefaced by the lovely lady being seated, bare bottomed, on the spanking bench, and made to ponder her perfidy, before being made to kneel across it, and present her perfect posterior once last time, for a finishing polish.     Mr. Simms exacts sincere promises from Miss Williams, to earn money by tutoring instead of taking tests for students, and never to again test the system with dishonest acts. Miss Williams takes so much hard spanking on her poor, belabored bottom, that she is finally forced to beg for mercy, which she duly receives, as her punishment is now complete.

Shadow Lane is thrilled to welcome back a delightful performer who has been absent from our studios for ten years.  The years have only made Dee more charming, articulate and spankable. Butch Simms, is of course, more than believable as a teacher. He always gets the last word and the last smack in with characteristic aplomb.

Running time:  38 minutes

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