Spoiled Rotten

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A rich girl fantasy starring Tanya Foxx and Keith Jones. Spoiled rotten rich girl Veronica Van Allen gets her license suspended for driving under the influence and winds up in the care of the chauffeur while her parents are vacationing abroad. From the outset, the willful beauty displays the deepest contempt for her driver, expecting him to suffer her insulting behavior passively but immediately gets a big surprise. The first time Veronica slaps Keith's face she gets a warning: "Try that again and I'll put you over my knee!" While she never does slap Keith a second time, a glass of water vindictively tossed in his face at the dinner table, fully qualifies as an equivalent outrage and earns her her first trip across his lap. Veronica's first spanking, which is hard, fast and administered over her skirt, leaves her sputtering and greatly embarrassed. The next day Veronica plays a nasty practical joke on her driver which so infuriates him that he pulls her dripping wet from the jacuzzi, turns her under his arm and angrily smacks the seat of her suit before ordering her into the house to wait for him. The bare bottom hairbrush spanking Veronica receives in the lavish master bedroom of her father's stately home, reduces her to a quivering bundle of whimpers and sobs. It is serious and severe, as her physical reactions attest. In fact, your heart will go out to Veronica for a moment as she beseeches her driver to stop punishing her because she will definitely, really and truly be good from now on. But Keith doesn't believe her and neither should you, for in the next scene we find her just as bad as ever, if not worse. This time a bored Veronica is shooting pool in the billiards room when she decides that even though it's past two in the morning and she's been partying all night, she wants to go out. Summoning Keith she shares her plan with him to go into Hollywood in order to pick up a couple of guys at a trendy club and have an orgy with them back at the house. Realizing that Veronica's insatiable craving for excitement is responsible for this foolish new whim, Keith determines to give her a thrill ride she'll never forget in the form of a good old fashioned strapping. But first he has to catch her and a chase around the pool table ensues. Having caught and stripped Veronica down to her stockings, heels and exquisite lingerie, Keith proceeds with a strapping that is severe enough to satisfy the most demanding corporal punishment purist while still being supercharged with sexual energy. The strapping naturally progresses from panties to bare bottom, leaving that voluptuous area thoroughly marked. Then Veronica is sternly sent to bed with instructions to reflect upon the discipline received. This scene marks the turning point in their relationship, when Keith's paternal concern for her well being and the sheer eroticism of all the corporal punishment he's been submitting her to begins to melt Veronica's thrill-seeking young heart. The final spanking of the movie is a bare bottom wooden paddling, administered by Keith to Veronica after she attempts to seduce him into countersigning checks for her to go gambling. This is another long, hard spanking, with Veronica's luscious buttocks being stained berry red before completion. Special bonus at the end of Spoiled Rotten: live footage from the Shadow Lane Back to School Party! Selected scenes include three lovely Shadow Lane cheerleaders getting spanked on stage, in front of an audience of over 300!

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