3 Whack Jobs

$ 19.95


Starring Violet October, Ten Amorette, Maddy Marks and Joe Stryker

Violet, Maddy and Ten each visit strict but fair Dr. Joe, for a private behavioral therapy session, involving hard over the knee spanking, over pantyhose, panties and on the bare. The following week, all three adorable bad girls assume the position in unison for a nude, group caning from Joe. This action-packed drama features an exceptionally attractive cast of 100% true, dedicated, spanking enthusiasts.

Act 1
Casebook File: Ten Amorette

When Dr. Joe asks the lithe and lovely Ten what she most wants to change about her behavior, the darling brunette hesitantly admits to being a chronic procrastinator. Of course the obvious cure is a good, hard spanking on her ravishing bottom.

Act 2
Casebook File: Maddy Marks

Maddy knows she’s a distracted millennial who hasn’t read a book in years and interacts with others, mainly through social media, but she isn’t happy with this state of affairs and asks her therapist to help her focus on the here and now, through any means he deems necessary. Dr. Joe naturally begins with a sound, over the knee spanking, for which therapy Maddy appears to have been by nature designed. She’s a tall, luscious, voluptuous redhead with a classically beautiful bottom.

Act 3
Casebook File: Violet October

The third restless millennial to visit Dr. Joe with bad habits that she wishes to correct, is alabaster nymph Violet October, who admits to going to bed at sunrise and rising at dusk most days, due to her decadent lifestyle. Agreeing that one can’t accomplish much in life by sleeping through all the hours the sun shines, Dr. Joe promptly turns the tiny beauty over his knee to spank some common sense into her shapely little backside. It seems that Violet has seen a disciplinarian before, but she complains bitterly to Dr. Joe about that spanker’s techniques, which not only peeved her but failed to correct her behavior. As Dr. Joe is an expert administrator of corporal punishment, Violet has no complaints when she leaves Joe’s lap, and a warm, glowing, rosy bottom to remind her of the lesson.

Act 4
Group Therapy Session – A Nude caning reinforces the previous therapy for all three ladies.

Dr. Joe likes to change it up for his patients now and then with a brisk, group therapy session. This does not involve each patient talking, so much as wailing, yelping and sobbing, as strict corporal punishment is administered to the entire company at once.

First each patient is questioned as to how well they accomplished their self-improvement goals over the previous week. Then it is revealed that little progress has been made! Ten has failed to pay a bill on time, Maddy managed to stay off social media for nineteen minutes rather than several hours, as she promised, and Violet was up all night yet again!

Dr. Joe has the same remedy for this loss of focus across the board, six of the best with his cane, while they are fully nude!

Running time: 49 minutes.

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