Shadow Lane, Volume 12, Rogue Mistress

$ 16.95

Hugo Sands' long lost love, the spritely and alluring Cassandra Campi, returns to Random Point in mid-summer, just a few days after her ivy league daughter Amanda and her boyfriend Colby, depart for a month in Europe. Cassandra has a plan to open a players' club in the village, but it takes composer Anthony Newton's wealth to make it materialize in the best taste and style. Not only does Anthony purchase the perfect property for Cassandra's salon, furnish it lavishly and lure the magnetic Hope Lawrence away from the bookstore to be assistant manager, but Cassandra's handsome new patron also bestows many intimate caresses on the lovable mistress of the house, who hasn't quite figured out if she's a bottom or top, but is willing to give both a try. Meanwhile, Amanda and Colby tour Italy, cross paths with Susan and Diana in a Paris hotel,  play in Club Doma in the Hague, and provoke a shy couple in Hammerfest to spank by the midnight sun. While abroad, Amanda learns of her mother's interesting adventures, which include seducing Michael Flagg and other hot men belonging to fierce resident Random Point beauties. When Amanda and Colby return to Cape Cod in August, they are swept up in the excitement of the first party to be held in the new Venus Club, celebrating both the club's opening and Amanda Sands' nineteenth birthday. Rogue Mistress presents a piquant buffet of bite-sized fetish confections, balanced by substantial servings of free love, modern romance and scene satire. Featuring a fabulous finale with all the favorite Shadow Lane characters together in one luxe play space for the spanking party of all time.

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