Shadow Lane, Volume 4, The Chronicles of Random Point

$ 16.95

By Eve Howard. Ever since the 1950Õs, spanking has been practiced for the pleasure of adults in Random Point. The present era finds Hugo Sands at the center of its scene. Formerly a stern and imperious dom, his persistent love for Laura has all but civilized him. But instead of enchanting his favorite submissive, HugosÕs sudden tameness has the opposite effect on Laura, who breaks every rule of their relationship to provoke him into reacting like the strict martinet she once knew and loved. Meanwhile, ivy league brat Susan Ross selects Sherman Cooper as the proper dominant to provide her naughty friend Diana Stratton with the discipline she craves. Finally, all the young women of Random Point conspire to rescue a delightful submissive from a cruel master. 161 pages.

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