Classic Combo #7

$ 39.95

Each volume in this series contains 2 full-length Shadow Lane videos from our first 10 years of production, digitally remastered and packaged as a double dvd set. These vintage videos from the 80's and 90's feature many of our most popular performers in their first roles and the action is superb. Shadow Lane has been producing spanking erotica for over 25 years, yet many viewers still cite our earliest efforts as their favorites. We've paired the titles thematically or by their featured talent. Shadow Lane Classic Spanking Combos Volume 7 Cold Comfort Farm (SLV-018d) & Blue Denim (SLV-025d) Starring Jennifer Brooks, Gretta Carlson, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Keith Jones and Nick Travis in two rustic spanking romps shot on location, out in the sticks! Cold Comfort Farm (SLV-018d): Scheming sisters (Jennifer Brooks & Gretta Carlson) hire handyman (Keith Jones, in his spanking video debut) to toil on their broken down farm, never intending to pay him. But the idle blondes fail to reckon with Keith's proclivity for spanking spoiled brats! Featuring the spanking, paddling and strapping of two of the prettiest girls in the scene by one of the best looking men. Also includes a bonus spanking commercial and a spanking public service announcement. Running time: 54 minutes. Blue Denim (SLV-025d) Back on Cold Comfort Farm, Jennifer Brooks and Chelsea Pfeiffer get up to mischief on the 4th of July. As a result, Keith gets shoved into a stream and pushed down a hillside. Consequently, Chelsea is spanked and cropped (to tears!) by Keith, while Jennifer is soundly spanked by her real life husband Nick Travis! Fantastic action and reactions. Running time: 50 minutes. Combined running time of both DVDs: 1 hour and 44 minutes.

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