Who's Afraid of the Spanking Neighbors?

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Starring Katrina Rosebud, Rubee Tuesday, Ralph Marvell and Butch Simms. A double scenario spanking, masturbation and sex video for viewers who crave all 3 erotic variations packed into one esoteric production. While hosting a dinner party for a new neighbor and his girlfriend, Rita has a bit too much to drink and subsequently throws a surly jealousy tantrum the moment the guests have gone home. Not one to put up with such nonsense, Ralph promptly turns Rita over his knee and gives her a very sound spanking. Punishing Rita for her insolence takes some time, and a variety of implements and bottom jutting positions are brought into play to put over Ralph's lesson of caring dominance. In the course of the severe but loving scene that follows, Ralph's huge hand, a wide strap, birch, leather slapper and wooden Spencer paddle are used to good effect on Rita's shapely bottom as Ralph convinces her that she is the only woman he desires. In addition to administering continuous discipline and meaningful scolding to Rita, Ralph eventually inserts his long, adept fingers, into his wife's vagina, then deeply into her anus and finally applies a large, textured, external vibrator to Rita's sex to stimulate the well spanked redhead to a shuddering orgasm. Meanwhile, surprised by the slapping noises emanating from the next apartment, Katrina asks Butch what's going on. Butch tells her not to worry, it's only his "spanking neighbors" having their usual jealousy inspired Saturday night free for all. Katrina is intrigued and aroused. It is soon evident to Butch that his guest has an interest in spanking that can only be satisfied by experiencing the sensation across his own muscular thighs. Butch spanks the pretty brunette over his knee and bent over a leather padded bench, becoming rigid with excitement in the process. Game little sex kitten Katrina soon frees her host's large trouser snake from its confinement and gives Butch expert head. Katrina's clothes come off revealing her fine, slim, well exercised young body, nipples hard and pussy ready to be plumbed to the depths of her innermost pinkness. Butch is more than ready to accommodate her needs and plunges his manly engine into her girlish recesses enthusiastically, still spanking Katrina's cute bottom at every opportunity. After a good deal of sex and spanking, including fully nude and in several classically revealing positions, the combination of nipple stimulation and deep vaginal penetration (via Katrina bouncing up and down on Butch's lap), succeeds in bringing off the vivacious Hollywood thrill seeker. The scene ends with a final round of consummate head and a mighty load being discharged against Katrina's soft red mouth. This video introduces two new players to Shadow Lane spanking fans, the intriguing Rubee Tuesday and the adorable Katrina Rosebud. Rubee's scene with Ralph is somewhat dramatic and her expressions and reactions as the jealous, hard drinking wife who is tamed by both spanking and love are extremely arresting. Katrina's scene with Butch is pure hardcore, with all the right angles on all the explicit action we could fit. In this video, nothing sexual is left to the imagination and both women take a good spanking as well. Who's Afraid of the Spanking Neighbors combines hard spanking, protracted foreplay and explicit sex in a manner that is tastefully rendered, meticulously edited and properly peppered with the warm fuzzies so dear to the hearts of spanking romantics worldwide. Who's Afraid of the Spanking Neighbors?, a double scenario spanking, masturbation and sex video is 70 minutes in length and available now.

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