When Spanking Was In Fashion

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Starring Vivian Sweet and Keith Jones.

A charming domestic discipline spanking drama. Vivian has promised to get home on time in order to be taken out to a special Valentine's Dinner at a most exclusive restaurant, which Keith has reserved months in advance. With the best intentions in the world, Vivian uses up a precious hour at the end of the day shopping for copious amounts of lingerie with which to entice her spouse. Naturally, the cute brunette winds up home much too late to make the special dinner which her husband has long planned. So, he is steamed. However, since it is sexy lingerie that Vivian has brought home in her many shopping bags, Keith causes the punishment to exactly fit the crime by making her earn each outfit with a spanking.

If Vivian agrees to get spanked in a certain outfit, she may keep it. The spankings get harder as the outfits get hotter. The total count is six, beginning with a skimpy white slip dress, progressing to a fuchsia teddy, tumbling into a purple camisole, and then rushing headlong into the reds. A perfect red marabou trimmed negligee set, reminiscent of Varga's girls most provocative attire, gets Vivian an even more perfect hairbrush spanking while the apple red with white, lace trimmed corselet of the finale absolutely rates the caning it receives. This is a severe but flirtatious scene, really a facsimile of how lovers into spanking really do play on a special occasion like Valentine's Day. Of course there always must be a reason for the spanking and of course the spanking must be real and must really sting, but that doesn't mean it can't also be loving and warm.

This is a true couple's video or one to possibly show a vanilla partner, to demonstrate how passionate and exciting spanking play can be when the chemistry is just right.

Running time: 59 minutes.

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