Visiting Nurses Know Best

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GIRL SPANKS GIRL GROWS UP! To cure her addiction to Napoleon brandy, Belgian chocolates and Havana cigars, Claudia (Star Chandler) signs a contract with Visiting Nurses Know Best, a spanking aversion therapy team who specialize in rehabilitating beautiful, decadent girls. Claudia's house is equipped with sensors, so that whenever she slips, alarms summon the practitioners of punishment at once. In this instance, Claudia is visited by Nurse Vanessa (Alexis Payne) and Nurse Evelyn (Artemis Antone), radiating feminine authority and well bred wickedness. Closing in on Claudia, they force her to submit to the letter of the contract she signed. Holding her across their starched white laps, they spank their patient soundly. For added humiliation, her temperature is taken rectally and thoroughly discussed. Putting Claudia on the bed between them, the disciplinarians continue to spank, strap and crop their resentful charge with a variety of implements, including the cane. Eventually the pouting patient is examined, lubricated and filled, first repeatedly with an anal retention plug, then with a pair of matching vibrators, while the spanking continues. Claudia's embarrassment as the two glamorous nurse disciplinarians subject her to these intrusive attentions may be directly observed throughout the session. Classically naughty, Visiting Nurses Know Best contains the most delicious dialog and deeply explicit action a connoisseur of spanking plus insertion could crave. The sexiest girl-spanks-girl scene we have ever filmed, Visiting Nurses Know Best is also one of the most endearing and exuberant you will ever see of this nature. Make no mistake, with (filled) pussy whipping, anal insertion and double penetration during punishment, this is a consummately sexual tape, yet it still retains that aspect of wholesome mischievousness that Shadow Lane movies are popular for. This tape also introduces the lovely and capable Artemis Antone (a second generation dominant female!) with a flourish. Running time: 1 hour, 14 minutes.

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