Turn the Other Cheek

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Starring Kristie Imboch as Eugenia, The Door to Door Evangelist and Artemis Antone as The Stripper. THE STORY: Artemis is relaxing on a Sunday morning when her rest is disturbed by an annoying door to door bible girl, who will not go away, no matter how often she is asked. Finally incensed beyond containment, Artemis drags Eugenia inside to teach her a lesson in the simple art of leaving people alone. Full of sanctimonious sentiments, Eugenia condemns Artemis' late night lifestyle. When Artemis admits she is an exotic dancer, Eugenia calls her a "whore" and exorts her to repent. Artemis needs no further excuse to turn Eugenia over her knee and deliver the spanking she so badly deserves. First on her skirt, then on her prim pantyhose, then on her bare backside, which is as smooth and creamy as any connoisseur could wish. While Artemis spanks Eugenia she lectures her as to the amendment of her irritating personal hobbies and the transformation of herself from dowdily modest to discreetly seductive. Artemis spanks, strips and wrestles the obstinacy out of Eugenia in a one of a kind action scene where there is never a question as to who will emerge the dominant power atop the flowered comforter. At last, Artemis gets Eugenia into sheer lingerie and high heels to teach her how a woman takes a spanking. And then the truth comes out! Eugenia is just the sort of woman who does seek out a spanking now and then. Artemis remonstrates with Eugenia that instead of going door to door with dogma, she ought to spend her time trying to find a good man to spank her on a regular basis. Turn the Other Cheek is classic Shadow Lane. These girls are beautiful, witty, shapely, naughty and very spanking savvy. We couldn't be more delighted with this, our first nerd-girl vs. sex kitten gambit. Anyone who has seen the diminutive but valiantly sincere Kristie in our other videos, knows that pound for pound she takes an incredible punishment session. The hidden surprise of this tape is the terrifically provocative and imaginatively dominant Artemis Antone, in a glamorous new dress size and with more up her sleeve than you'd ever imagine. Turn the Other Cheek is clever, real, hard and truly affectionate (without being mushy or sticky), with saucy vistas of luscious leg, bouncing bottom and elegant, womanly bosom to enjoy. Ladies who have been wondering if they'd ever enjoy a girl spanks girl tape may wish to select this one as a first choice because it's got plenty of personality as well as true spanking thrills. Turn the Other Cheek (SLV-075d) a 45 minute spanking video.

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