The Spanking Professor

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Starring Steve Fuller as Professor Woodward, Erica Scott as his wife Tracy, and introducing Raven as Charlotte, the Incorrigible Coed. Act 1:The Incorrigible Coed. Professor Woodward decides to deal with a lovesick student who has been stalking him by giving her a good spanking. Summoned to his home, Charlotte is at first delighted at the prospect of being spanked by her idol, but the moment the spanking begins, the coed is shocked to realize that punishment spankings hurt! This short and highly realistic scene depicts a young woman (who is definitely not in the scene) being spanked hard for the purpose of correction alone. At the conclusion of her punishment, Charlotte is happy to promise never to stalk her teacher again. Cured of her crush but not of her mischief, Charlotte manages to raise her teacher's hackles one last time by dropping several provocative remarks about his wife's reputation for being man crazy! Act 2: The Faculty Wife. Not only a spanking professor but also a spanking husband, the hunky educator awaits his wife's return from her daily round of tennis, swimming, shopping and bridge practically with hairbrush in hand. The moment Tracy breezes in, Professor Woodward takes her to task for flirting so much around campus that even his students are talking about her. He takes issue with all of Tracy's personal trainers, sports coaches and even her bridge club being all male. He protests her flitting around all day and playing instead of looking for a job to help with expenses. And he finally demands that his wife give up all these frivolities, settle down and behave herself. Naturally this scolding is scoffed at by Tracy, who fails to take any of her husband's complaints seriously until he turns her over his knee. A long, hard, bare bottom spanking begins to convince the leggy campus flirt that her husband is sincerely disappointed in her. The subsequent strapping and paddling firmly administered to her slim and curvy bottom drive the lesson home. Tracy has no choice but to obey her husband and give up all the other males in her life. (In return she is granted a reprieve about going out to find a job.) An abundance of strict and traditional corporal punishment, handed out by our handsome new video Steve Fuller star highlight The Spanking Professor. Running time: 42 minutes.

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