The Rivals

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Return with us to Shadow Lane's favorite prep school, The Braemar Academy, where Miss Winthrop has her hands full trying to civilize Anna and Mina. In the opening scene, Mina curries favor with Miss Winthrop by presenting her with a bouquet. When Miss Winthrop goes to put her flowers in water, Anna attacks Mina verbally for kissing up to their teacher so shamelessly. After trading insults for a couple of minutes, Anna loses patience with her blonde goody two shoes classmate and pulls her across her lap! Anna gives the stubborn and provocative Mina a sound spanking on Mina's short, brown uniform skirt. Anna is wearing a similar skirt and it too receives a vigorous dusting, as soon as Miss Winthrop returns and catches her best student spanking her worst one! Miss Winthrop is so shocked at Anna's behavior that she has no choice but to spank her. The sarcastic young brunette is instantly put across Miss Winthrop's solid lap and disciplined in the traditional manner, with her teacher's bare hand, first on her skirt and then on her figured lilac panties. In due course the panties are pulled down and Anna's luminous white bottom is reddened by her determined instructress. Fifteen minutes into Anna's spanking, Miss Burgoyne (a cameo appearance by Kristie Imboch) enters the sitting room to reclaim her stolen flowers! Miss Winthrop and Anna look at the guilty Mina, who seems to realize that her turn to be spanked has arrived. Now Mina is drawn across Miss Winthrop's lap for a long, hard spanking, not only using her teacher's bare hand, but also a paddle, a strap and a tawse, the birch and cane being reserved for the final scene. Half way through the naughty Mina's punishment spanking, Miss Winthrop invites Anna to sit beside her on the sofa and participate. Leaping to the invitation, Anna brings a new jolt of dominant energy into the scene, as her robust spanking style compliments Miss Winthrop's more controlled and ladylike approach to corporal punishment. Later that evening, the discipline resumes when Anna and Mina enter the sitting room stripped down to their most elegant corsets and highest heels. Miss Winthrop gracefully accepts that the girls wish to display their exquisite foundation garments, but draws the line at Mina's outrageous nine inch fetish pumps, for which there can be no excuse in the wardrobe of one so young and presumably innocent. Bending each young woman over a sofa arm, Miss Winthrop applies the strap, birch and cane to their fully reddened and ever more tender, slim, but well upholstered bare bottoms. Slow build up not withstanding, the caning finale is the element, which finally breaks the will of the proud Mina, causing her to apologize for her bad behavior to both Anna and her concerned teacher. The Rivals stars three new Shadow Lane discoveries: the well-bred, sensual and decidedly firm Candice Cayne as the dominant teacher, the bouncy, blonde, gymnastically trained 26 year old Mina, golden tanned and with the kind of backside spanking dreams are made of and the sophisticated, creamy skinned brunette, Ava Barton, who's exotic beauty and quick wit will soon be winning hearts all over spankingland. The Rivals is a hypnotically sensual but extremely firm spanking video, that builds in severity slowly, much in the manner of an actual, hour long spanking session. It features two of the most well shaped, firm young submissives you'll ever see taking a very long, increasingly hard spanking, strapping and finally, caning, from three excellent angles. A female bottom lover's delight, The Rivals (SLV-082d) is 1 hour in length.

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