The Girls Next Door

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

Starring Jennifer Brooks, Alexis Payne and a lucky man named Bob. Many of you switchable males will identify with this tape, because it offers a little bit of everything and justifies playing on each different level in a way that won't make anyone hate themselves in the morning. Act One: Beautiful Jennifer likes to tease the Peeping Neighbor boy Bob, by caressing her magnificent body in front of the window. When ravishing Alexis catches her at this lewd diversion, she takes her leggy blonde roommate over her knee and spanks her exquisite bottom pink. Act Two: Jennifer and Alexis take Bob to task for peeping at all and inform him that he will be punished by them both. Dazed and dazzled, Bob agrees to be spanked. And he is. Spanked and spanked. Act Three: Bob is not done yet. The girls take him into the bedroom, put him face down on the bed and use straps and paddles on his bottom until their arms are tired. Since both are young and strong, this doesn't happen quickly. Act Four: Bob's modesty, compliance and ability to take a very hard spanking charms Jennifer so much that she goes to his house and offers to let him spank her. Overwhelmed with excitement, but quite willing to take advantage of her generosity, Bob takes Jennifer across his lap and warms her bottom thoroughly. All this beauty and heat. (Note: if you're a switch who is interested in getting your wife or girlfriend to play with you, this might be a perfect type of video to show her. The people are pretty and it starts off girl-girl, so it isn't intimidating and of course, you must keep your finger on the fast forward button when watching any fetish video with someone vanilla, or else they're going to get bored and/or put off. The object is to reveal choice little moments that might illustrate what you would like her to do to you. This is only a suggestion. There are no guarantees.)

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