Summer School Blues

$ 19.95


 Starring Violet October and introducing Ashley Edmonds

 Classic school room discipline cramps a girlbrat's style when her hot, leggy teacher takes her in hand!

 Pretty blonde Penny (Violet October) has failed Civics and must attend summer school under the tuition of Miss Edmonds, and the little brat isn't happy about it. She arrives at Miss Edmonds' home, full of attitude and without having studied her lessons. Then, not only does she fail to show any knowledge of Civics, but she flaunts Miss Edmonds' authority by noisily sucking on cherry candies while her teacher's back is turned. Naturally, this infuriates her  instructor, who quickly establishes her dominance over the petite pupil by taking her across her lap and spanking her small, but well rounded bottom, first through her cute panties, and then on her creamy white bare cheeks. And the lesson has only just begun!

 Once more, Penny is sat down and bidden to pay attention while Miss Edmonds' reviews subjects of vital importance, such as the Supreme Court and Congress. But once more, Penny shows her disrespect to her instructor by taking no notes and jamming Red Hots into her pouty mouth the moment Miss Edmonds' back is turned. Of course, teacher soon notices the continued bad behavior of her charge and decides to step up the discipline by having the naughty one strip down to her dainty pink lingerie. Determined to render Penny's bottom as pink as her panties, Miss Edmonds resumes spanking her lovely but uncooperative student, staining Penny's shapely orbs a dusky rose with her capable hand.

 Still incorrigible, Penny sits down once more, on her increasingly hot and sore bottom, and persists in displaying her utter disregard for summer school by stuffing her mouth with chewing gum and day dreaming through Miss Edmonds' lecture. Thoroughly fed up with the annoying girl by this time, Miss Edmonds' pulls out the big guns, these being her implements of leather and wood, and orders the recalcitrant preppie to strip to the skin for a serious punishment. 

Bending the diminutive blonde over the school desk, Miss Edmonds', a tall, extremely attractive blonde woman in a tight, bottom hugging skirt, takes up an Irish leather paddle strap and begins to belabor's Penny's small and already pink buttocks with it. Penny feels the difference of being spanking with a leather implement and "owies" fill the school room for several minutes. Miss Edmonds' sternly follows up with a tan, oval paddle made of English harness leather, which brings the color of Penny's radiant bottom cheeks up to a rich magenta in short order. Now the bad girl is finally beginning to take her teacher seriously, but she is far from being well punished yet. 

 Miss Edmonds then pulls out a stinging hardwood paddle and begins to apply it to Penny's hot cheeks, reddening them even more deeply. Penny's slender hips begin to twitch and writhe as she attempts to dodge the hard smacks, but Miss Edmonds shows no mercy.  She is offended by Penny's misbehavior and has yet to hear a sincere apology from the lazy brat. Finally, Miss Edmonds resorts to the old stand by, the solid, wooden "board of education" familiar to all erring students, and tells her charge that she is to receive a dozen hard swats with the rectangular implement before she is released. At last, Penny is ready to acknowledge that she has done very wrong in angering her pretty teacher and promises to apply herself fully to her Civics lessons for the remainder of the summer.

 Shadow Lane is thrilled to our viewers introduce lovely new domme, Ashley Edmonds, and welcome back the adorable Violet October, one of the sauciest submissives we have had the pleasure to film. 

 Running time: 33 minutes. 

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