Stand Corrected, The Video

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Starring Erica Scott and Devlin O'Neill. An impertinent editor is sternly reproved and severely punished by her employer, a respected fetish author, who learns that she has included her own (comic) footnotes in his serious erotic manuscript, turning the final draft into a satire, and sending it to press without his approval. Erica doesn't think that what she did was wrong so Devlin has his work cut out for him. The objective of the first scene: a sincere apology from his insulting employee. Fueled by indignation, Devlin wields his arm tirelessly. Somehow he has to make the unrepentant Erica understand that she has broken every rule in the book by taking such liberties with his text. (Good luck, Devlin!) Scene Two: Seeing that Erica learned nothing from her first spanking, Devlin doubles the over the knee discipline, adding in a stinging strapping for good measure. Teeming with witty invective, well deserved, extra hard spanking and relevant psychological insights, Stand Corrected, The Video will be appreciated by spanking enthusiasts on many levels and is a must for fans of Erica Scott and spanking author Devlin O'Neill. Running time: 57 minutes.

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