Spanking 301 A Punishment Potpourri

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Featuring Casey Calvert, Sophia Locke, Ms. Venus Divine, Snow Mercy, Nikki Rouge, Clare Fonda and Larry Selden.

You won't believe how much red-hot spanking, caning and anal discipline we fit into this 4 act corporal punishment compilation video. 

Act 1: Corporal Punishment Instruction with Nikki Rouge and Snow Mercy. Presenting another episode in our educational spanking series, featuring Nikki Rouge in the top position and Snow Mercy as the spankee. This time, the lesson is how a person who is smaller than the person she is topping, can still maintain strict control over his or her submissive. Amazonian Snow Mercy, at 5'10', towers over the willowy, wasp-waisted, 5'8' Nikki Rouge. But Nikki possesses all the switchable skill and brash confidence she needs to discipline her dominant girlfriend to perfection. Here Nikki demonstrates correctly aiming and placing stinging swats with one of our Schoolmaster canes. No stranger to caning, Snow obediently holds her position for the classic English form of corporal punishment. 

Act 2: Judicial Caning starring Sophia Locke and Ms. Venus Divine. Having pled guilty to a charge of driving under the influence, a voluptuous redhead (Sophia Locke) faces prison time and fines, unless she agrees to accept the alternate penalty of a 24 stroke caning while bound nude over a spanking bench. The timid offender signs the release form and is ordered by a strict, detached female officer of the court (Miss Venus Divine) to get undressed. The nervous girl quickly disrobes while the daunting disciplinarian gets her rope and canes. Miss Divine commands Sophia to mount the punishment bench with her bare bottom uppermost. The female officer lashes the girl's thighs to the wooden bench, then pulls Sophia's wrists back to tie them tightly. Well spread, firmly bound and in position to receive corporal punishment, Sophia is kept in suspense no longer. The 24 serious cane strokes are administered about ten seconds apart, to allow the effect of each hard, stinging swat to sink in. The severe punishment rapidly imbues the girl's alabaster cheeks with raised pink marks, the hallmark of a good caning and she reacts accordingly. She can't squirm, being so tightly bound, but she can whimper, groan and gasp in shock at just how harsh a judicial penalty can be. 

Act 3: Lucy Alone and then with her Spanking Stepdaddy. Lucy (Casey Calvert) gets a quick, stinging spanking from her stepfather (Larry Selden) for being fresh and naughty. The over the knee discipline sets the girl on fire and once alone she begins to masturbate with her wonderful collection of sophisticated anal toys. Stepdaddy catches her and upon her flirtatious invitation, helps her to the ultimate pleasure by simultaneously spanking and anally dildoing the sexually aroused brunette. Perhaps the hottest bottom toy scene we have ever filmed. Casey is spectacularly beautiful and seductively submissive. Larry is, as usual, lovably perverse and charmingly deft. 

Act 4: Bathtub Buttplug starring Clare Fonda. A pretty, subbed-out cougar with a slim, luscious body, shyly prepares for anal sex by inserting a pink plastic butt plug between her nether cheeks, while glistening wet and soapy in a hot bubble bath. Her tight anus tries to resist the invasion, but she trains herself to accept the plug, hoping that she will not only please her lover but eventually come to enjoy the strange, embarrassing sensation of being bottom-plugged. Trying to make the best of an awkward, uncomfortable situation, the blonde can't help but blush at the humiliation of it all. Explicit!

Running time: 62 minutes.

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