Spanking 101

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An instructional course in hands on Spanking featuring demonstrations, dramatizations and helpful suggestions for people who want to learn more about proper spanking techniques and scene etiquette. Starring Clare Fonda, Genesis, Traci Greer, Danny Chrighton and Alex Best. Want to spank your partner but don't know quite how? We'll show you the kind of approach that women into spanking appreciate the most and how to follow through. Want a spanking from your partner but don't know how to get it? This video contains common sense advice on how to communicate your needs. Want to see cute and sexy women try to give advice on spanking while they are being spanked? Yep, we go there! Because Spanking 101 is a spanking video like no other, one that will amuse and arouse and but give you great tips on spanking, that you can apply in real life! In addition to illustrating a variety of spanking techniques, our genial ensemble of two smart guys and three lively girls, discuss major aspects of the spanking culture, from the use of safe words to where it's safe to strike, in a lively and engaging manner. They also address important milestones in a typical person's journey through the scene, such how a spanking wife tells her vanilla husband she's in the scene, and how that vanilla husband can react, if he chooses, in a not so vanilla style, and wow his spanking wife with the discipline she craves. We show you how ask for a spanking, how to give a spanking, how to keep a spanking safe and fun without sacrificing any excitement or spontaneity. Of course we couldn't answer every question a beginner might have about spanking in one video, so we concentrated on what we felt to be the most important facets of turning an interest in spanking into a satisfying recreational pastime.. We explore positioning, attitude, apparel, scolding, warm ups, implements, mercy words, whining and wheedling, obedience and disobedience, hand vs leather, leather vs wood, traditional over the knee spanking, with hand, paddle and strap, grab your ankles spanking, bend over caning and more. Running time: 1 hour. Lesson One: "Getting your husband or boyfriend to give you a spanking" Wanting a spanking and never getting one can be very frustrating! Since most people are NOT into spanking, this is a perpetual challenge to spanking enthusiasts. Perhaps your fellow hasn't turned you over his knee because he just hasn't thought of it. Maybe the time has come to plant the idea in his head. This video will show you how! Lesson Two: Includes: styles of spanking, positions of punishment, enticing apparel, spanking attitudes, where and where not to strike, implements of correction, mercy words and more, all explanations accompanied by dramatic depictions. Concludes with a vigorous double spanking that demonstrates exactly when and how a mercy word can come in handy. Lesson Three: A good caning. Traci Greer and Alex Best take it to a different level with a strictly and precisely applied caning that leaves our lovely, leggy blonde bad girl well marked. The charming, vivacious and very naughty Clare Fonda hosts Spanking 101 and has her stunning bottom spanked and paddled by both Danny Chrighton and her fellow Brit, Alex Best. Petite beauty Genesis is spanked in a raspberry satin corselette by Alex and a rose lace cocktail dress by Danny. Genesis is pretty in pink. Danny co-hosts the instructional portion of the program with plenty of pep, enthusiastically turning Clare over his knee to demonstrate key techniques. Then, during the spanking dramatization, he plays the thoughtful (and possibly not so vanilla) husband of a sweet, shy young lady (Traci Greer) who has finally decided that she must have a spanking from her man. Alex Best is a Brit who has crossed the pond many times to attend Shadow Lane parties. He's often stateside, combining business with pleasure, so we invited him to represent the UK in our Spanking 101 program, demonstrating how to give a jolly good caning to a naughty miscreant who knows what she's in for and has agreed to submit to this most stringent form of traditional corporal punishment. Here, the spankable culprit is the very attractive, copper haired Traci Greer, a real life submissive who can and will "go there" with the right dominant, which in this case, was the strict Englishman. At the conclusion of this serious caning, Traci finds herself well marked. It's a dramatic scene which provides a necessary balance to the levity and raucousness of some of the previous scenes. Many moods are touched on in this video, from purely instructional to light heartedly romantic to traditionally disciplinary. There is teasing, scolding and the giving of orders, countered by round retorts, polite protests, wails, whines and owies by the score. You'll love the cast, the dialog, the spanking and the reactions. This one's a keeper! Great for scene parties too. Running time: 60 minutes.

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