Spanked, Caned & Purged

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Featuring over the knee spanking, bondage, rectal temperature taking, enema discipline and anal plug. Starring Cheyenne Jewel and Miss Chris.

At the Shady Lane Rehab facility, an exclusive health spa and recovery Clinic, Director of Operations, Miss Ursula Underwood, confronts her Activities Coordinator, Hazel Honeywell, after that pretty brunette stumbles into work a little tipsy, having taken a two hour lunch. Miss Underwood tells shapely, long haired Hazel that her inappropriate drinking lunches are sending a bad message to the patients in addition to compromising her integrity as a clinic employee and endangering Miss Honeywell's own health. Hazel bows her head in shame, unable to argue with any of the points Miss Underwood has made. In danger of being dismissed with the worst possible references, Miss Honeywell agrees to submit to various punishments and penalties in order to keep her position.

To correct her subordinate's wayward behavior, Miss Underwood instructs Miss Honeywell to strip completely naked and prepare to receive a sound over the knee spanking across her superior's starched, white nurse's uniformed lap. Miss Underwood has a heavy and vigorous spanking style that imparts dark roses to Miss Honeywell's flawless white bottom cheeks instantaneously. There is no nonsense about Miss Underwood's attitude and she spanks extremely hard.

Miss Underwood has decided to teach her naughty employee a sound lesson in responsibility and sobriety. To this end, she ties the nude Hazel Honeywell over a two tiered leather punishment bench, with the 27 year old girl's thighs well apart and all of her delicate charms on display and then proceeds to methodically administer a shriek-inducing 25 stroke caning that results in her subordinate crying real tears and bearing away from the encounter a collection of pink stroke marks across her alabaster cheeks.

Before proceeding to the finishing stages of Miss Honeywell's embarrassingly anal corporal punishment, Miss Underwood lubricates and causes Hazel to submit to a post-caning temperature taking with an old fashioned rectal thermometer while the well- striped brunette is still bent over the punishment bench. Miss Honeywell bears with this humiliating treatment because she has agreed to accept every bit of discipline her supervisor has deemed appropriate in response to Miss Honeywell's irresponsible behavior patterns.

Miss Honeywell whimpers with embarrassment, knowing that a still more shameful ordeal awaits her, for there is a punishment enema in her future and final butt-plugged spanking still to come. Now placed on all-fours on a low leather bench by her supervisor, Miss Honeywell waits with nervous anxiety for Miss Underwood to divide her cane-striped bottom cheeks and place the long, white, perforated nozzle between them, pushing it into Miss Honeywell's bottom as far as it will go and then allowing the shame-faced offender to get used to the feel of it before beginning the flow of warm water into Miss Honeywell's bowels. Miss Honeywell's nude form, with its slim curves and satiny skin texture appears exquisitely erotic in the submissive position and receiving the enema in humility and obedience to her superior's will. Miss Underwood appears to take pleasure in lecturing and scolding her erring employee while squeezing the clamp every so often to allow Miss Honeywell receive the whole bag in a controlled manner. Miss Honeywell's flat stomach becomes a little rounder as the bag is emptied.

Groaning with the feeling of fullness and all of the discomfort that comes with retaining so much water, Miss Honeywell assures her boss that she has learned a lesson that day and will never disappoint Miss Underwood again. To finish off the lesson she has mapped out for her overly indulgent employee, Miss Underwood spreads Miss Honeywell's bottom cheeks and inserts a flanged rubber retention plug into the embarrassed brunette's rectum, all the way to the hilt. The plug insuring that Miss Honeywell, still retaining an enema, will not have an accident, Miss Underwood administers a finishing spanking to the thoroughly humiliated girl.

Finally, with a red, striped bottom and a belly still full of warm water, Miss Hazelwood is dismissed to attend to her most pressing needs. She returns a few minutes later, is allowed to get dressed again and is then sent off to resume her duties at the Shady Lane Rehab Clinic, purified by her punishments and detoxified by her old fashioned enema. Miss Chris smiles after her well chastened employee, serene in the knowledge that she has done her duty and administered exemplary discipline to a naughty girl for her own good.

Running time: 44 minutes.

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