Spank Thy Neighbor

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The Story: Ralph, who works nights, is woken from sleep by a raucous blast of hardcore punk, coming from the flat above. Going up to politely ask that his neighbor turn the pounding music down, the entirely civil Ralph is greeted by a totally unsympathetic Erica, who summarily refuses to comply with his request, advises him to complain to the manager and even cranks the volume up! Exhausting every reasonable appeal to his neighbor's sense of decency, Ralph sees no alternative but to implement the time-honored method of brat rehabilitation, i.e.: Administer a long, hard, no-nonsense spanking to her extremely shapely, smooth, white bottom; which he instantly does! Squealing with indignation, Erica is put across the 6 foot 4 inch Ralph's monumental lap, held fast by his huge hand and soundly spanked! Then kick, squirm and holler though she might, Erica is made to feel the awesome anger of a working man disturbed as Ralph turns her pearly skin pink and then red with naught but the palm of his hand. A lively dialog ensues between smacks, showing Ralph that the taming of Erica will not be accomplished without some considerable effort on his part. Undaunted by the barbs and insults which flow from the girl's lips unchecked, unmoved by her wails of protest and merely amused by her struggles and kicks, Ralph lays on righteously, smacking Erica until she begins to comprehend just how irritable a dominant male can become when his buttons are repeatedly pushed! Baring Erica's beautiful, firm, toned backside, Ralph continues punishing her in a variety of classic positions, including: while she is kneeling on all fours on the bed, with a stout wooden hairbrush, while she is prone face down over pillows, with a doubled belt; bent over the edge of the bed; and over Ralph's knee, both on the bed and while he is seated on a straight backed chair. After her spanking, Ralph leaves Erica with an injunction not to turn her music up again that afternoon. But bad girl Erica, now thoroughly intrigued by her masterful neighbor, can't resist changing her lingerie and dress, exchanging the relentless punk for an insane variety of acid gypsy music and pumping up the volume once again above her sleeping neighbor's innocent head! In a very few moments, Ralph is up again, this time breathing fire. What is wrong with Erica, he wonders? Does she want another spanking??? You can be the judge of that! Suffice to say, the last seven minutes (and only the last seven) of this spanking tour de force proves that some women really do find an extra long, extra hard spanking, to be very erotic indeed. Excellent production values highlight our 80th video from every angle, not the least of which being Erica Scott's hilarious script and her equally impressive tolerance for stern, sustained corporal punishment. The chemistry between herself and Ralph is outstanding, both from a playful and a serious point of view. For make no mistake, although this title projects a happy attitude, it's one of the most severe spanking videos we've ever filmed! It is also contains one hell of an erotic seven minute finale wherein Ralph digitally penetrates Erica's dainty sex, giving her the finger-banging of her life, while finishing the spanking off. Erica echoes the emotions of many a woman in the scene when she shyly admits, "I like it even better when you spank me really hard while you're doing that!" In all, this is a real honey of a movie, part comedy, part hard discipline, part romance and part erotic. Kind of like real life in the scene! Enjoy the rapport of this wonderful couple and do let us know what you think! 55 minutes in length.

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