Spank Or Be Spanked

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A female spanks female smack down starring Snow Mercy, Nikki Rouge and introducing Koko Kitten.

In the cutthroat world of real estate, Nancy Sands (Snow Mercy) is the top selling woman at her firm. After taking the time to cultivate a wealthy and eccentric client named Kim Crowley (Nikki Rouge), Nancy sets up an appointment to show her a house. But when Nancy arrives on the scene, she finds new girl at the firm Diana St. James (Koko Kitten) already there, awaiting the prospective client. When Diana refuses to leave, Nancy takes immediate action by turning the smaller girl over her lap and spanking her into submission, which takes some time, since Diana is a spunky, little spitfire, in possession of both spirit and wit.

Diana is spanked over her dainty frock, across the seat of her charming, globe hugging retro girdle, on her bare bottom and finally, fully nude. Unbeknownst to the two women, Kim Crowley has entered the house through the rear, to spy with gloating interest on the corporal punishment scene occurring within. The slender, fashionable redhead lurks quietly in the background, witnessing Diana's humiliating bare bottom spanking with enormous relish until she is finally noticed by the realtors and becomes their new focus of attention.

This works well for the noisy and abrasive Kim Crowley, who is rather an attention monster as well as a willing initiate to the spanking arts. Kim, in fact, demands to be told about spanking and given a demonstration, volunteering her own slim, but shapely bottom for the demo. Kim Crowley practically flings herself across Nancy's lap, she is so eager to experience the sensation of being paddled and spanked by the Amazonian brunette, Nancy Sands, particularly demanding that little Diana stay and watch. Nancy assures Kim Crowley that Diana will not only witness her punishment but also participate in it, as both women start to realize that Kim Crowley has been playing them against each other, leading both of them to believe that they would be the one to sell Kim a house.

While receiving numerous sharp cane strokes, Kim is made to admit all of this and more, including being a sham millionairess. Gracefully forceful Snow Mercy, genuinely comedic Nikki Rouge and delectably mischievous Koko Kitten form an irresistible troika of spanking superstars in one of our most engaging and enthusiastic female spanks female free videos ever.

Running time: 42 minutes.

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