Sore Losers

$ 29.95

Have you been longing for a movie where the man not only gives but also receives a good spanking? Meet the SORE LOSERS! Starring Angie Sunshine, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Virginia Lewis and introducing Mark Fisher. Todd (Mark Fisher) turns his adorable girlfriend (Angie Sunshine) over his knee and sternly spanks her for gambling away their vacation money. Tender young Angie cries and whimpers during the fully nude portion of her spanking, which leaves her rosy red and in tears. Then suddenly, a knock comes on the door! The women from the hotel room next door are offended and complain about the noise! Todd finds that he's disturbed the wrong two women in the dramatic conclusion of Sore Losers. Chelsea drags Todd into her suite, where she and Virginia righteously administer to the hapless young man a spanking to rival the one they have just heard him give his girlfriend! After his over the knee punishment, the dominas compel Todd to straddle a bench and present his bare bottom for the hairbrush, paddle, strap, cane, flogger and birch. Superb action from both points of view, vivacious women, an excellent new male switch and witty dialog add up to pure spanking fun on multiple levels in Sore Losers.

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