Smarty Pants

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Starring Dia Zerva and Keith Jones.

Keith is trying to do some last minute number crunching on his laptop before leaving for work, but Dia keeps creating loud noises that disturb his concentration. He appeals to her to show mercy but the bouncy blonde virtually ignores his pleas, running her blender and slamming cabinets until he's ready to jump out of his skin.

His patience finally at an end, Keith turns the naughty minx over his knee and gives her a good spanking in a scene that begins over her sheer pantyhose and panties and ends by tinting her stunning bottom dark pink.

The next day, Keith notices Dia wastefully leaving the tap running. But every time he turns the faucet off, she willfully turns it back on, just to see what will happen. What happens is that Dia gets bent over the countertop and has her luscious backside exposed for a strapping with Keith's belt as well as more spanking. Dia squeaks and squeals, wriggles and pitches, but continues to behave most contrarily, egging Keith on by spraying him with cold water. Naturally, this results in a harder course of corporal punishment for the mischievous young woman.

In the final scene, Keith is playing a long distance chess game for high stakes on his laptop when Dia enters, her killer body clad in a shortie nightie set and eager for attention. She begins her usual routine of making an obnoxious amount of noise to attract his interest and winds up once again over his knee. Dia's discipline concludes with a nude bottom warming that leaves her glowing and in the mood for much more.

This delightfully high spirited spanking video is perfect for couples and everyone who loves mischievous girls and believes in the romance of discipline.

Running time: 68 minutes.

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