She's the Boss

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

An explicit spanked husband video with sexual foreplay starring Gretta Carlson and Joey Moffat.

After Gretta's hapless boytoy gambles away 5K, she is forced to fire her gardener and cleaning lady and cancel her cable. So of course she expects her man to take over their chores and entertain her. Naturally, he lets her down.

Gretta works herself up into a righteous snit and Joey's for it. She marches him into the house, gives him a piece of her mind and a good, long, over the knee bare bottom spanking.

Joey takes it so well that Gretta begins to melt and lets him kiss her all over and fondle her magnificent breasts. Then she sends him to heaven by manipulating him with her hands and awakening his manhood with her mouth.

This action goes both ways before Joey is allowed to obtain a blissful release between the lips of his beloved mistress. This is a female couples scenario in which the well-spanked husband receives erotic gratification from his lovingly assertive cougar wife.

Small and boyish looking, Joey fits perfectly across Gretta's luscious thighs for his stinging spanking. Beautiful Gretta showers discipline and love on her disobedient boy.

Running time: 36 minutes.

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