She Spanked Her Niece!

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Starring Sophie Nova and Ms. Venus Divine.

Part 1: 22 year old British brat Sophie gets permission from her Aunt Sylvia to have friends over for a party. But Sophie lets her friends stay way too late and then argues with her aunt about sending them home. Angry Aunt Sylvia gives Sophie a sharp, spontaneous spanking for her selfishness and disrespect, orders her to get rid of her friends and then come back to her. 

When Sophie returns Sylvia tells her to pack her bags to return to the UK. Sophie begs to be allowed to stay in the sunny Southwest with her aunt, pleading with Sylvia to spank her again and even more severely, rather than send her away. Sylvia decides that Sophie needs this lesson, so she agrees, takes Sophie back over her lap and spanks the spoiled English beauty until her alabaster skin turns a stunning shade of deep, hot magenta. Sophie is spanked over her skirt, over her pantyhose, over her black lace panties and finally on the bare bottom. Hand and wooden hairbrush are used.

Part 2: Sophie's discipline session with her Aunt Sylvia, which began with a spanking, progresses in this scene to tawsing and strapping, while bent over the edge of a leather bench and then made to get up on all fours on it, finally ending in the knee to elbow position, with her bottom thrust up into the air for punishment with all of her charms laid bare.

This scene culminates with Aunt Sylvia taking the completely nude Sophie over her knee for a final sharp, stinging hand spanking that makes her kick her beautiful legs and say that she is very, very sorry!

Sophie Nova is a very beautiful, lovable and extremely vivacious girl with flawless porcelain skin and an exquisitely proportioned body. With her crisp British accent, inventive imagination and obvious sensitivity to spanking, Sophie is a spanker's dream come true.

And speaking of dreams come true, Venus Divine, who plays Aunt Sylvia, could not be better suited to doling out strict discipline, from looks to skills to attitude. A poised and experienced woman, Venus is Boston bred, traditionally grounded, yet fetish savvy, adept at administering punishment and able to cinch to a stunningly small waist, as this video reveals. There isn't a submissive alive who wouldn't instantly recognize the authority in this lady. What a combination of talent and inclination.

Extra Bonus Segment! EVE BREAST SPANKS, FOOT TICKLES & MOUTH SOAPS CLARE. Eve Howard tells Clare Fonda she has embarrassed the Lambda Sigma Zeta sorority for the last time with her cougar antics. Due to a contractual agreement, Clare can no longer be spanked, so Eve punishes her speedo clad sorority sister with a barefoot tickling, a smart breast slapping on her stunningly juicy, lily white C cups, a face slapping, and finally, by marching Clare into the bathroom and soaping the dirtiest mouth in the scene. Made to get naked for this final punishment, Clare is bent over the tub and ordered to spread her legs for more tickling, while still holding the bar of soap in her mouth. Poor Clare!

Running time: 42 minutes.

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