Shadow Lane, Volume 7, How Cute Is That?

$ 16.95

By Eve Howard. Hollywood High School teacher David Lawrence falls madly in love with a stunning blonde B&D club girl, marries her and they move to Random Point, Mass. Sexy and mischievous Hope Lawrence begins to run the coffee bar at Marguerite AlexanderÕs bookshop and soon has Hugo, Michael, Malcolm and Sloan mad to spank her. David begins teaching at the local prep school and rapidly uncovers the hidden bad girl in a voluptuous female guidance counselor. Meanwhile, his most sexually precocious student sets her cap at her affable instructor, not counting on finding a strict disciplinarian lieu of a lover. The handsome new couple in the small New England village radiate a Santa AnaÕs worth of California heat as they captivate the equally provocative locals with their hard-wired spanking ways. Meanwhile, the charming school counselor finds herself being courted by a masterful department store owner, sadly lacking in political correctness but suave to a fault when it comes to turning a beautiful woman over his knee. 179 pages.

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