Shadow Lane, Volume 11, The Venus Club

$ 16.95

By Eve Howard. It's June in Random Point and 18-year-old Amanda Sands has been left in charge of Hugo's antiques shop and his spanking magazine. Pursued by gallery owner Raphael Price as well as married photographer Pascal Robbins, the charismatic Harvard coed cuts her blonde hair short, turns sophisticated Pamela Bartlett into her adoring submissive and continues to ravish the senses of her love-struck boyfriend Colby Hodge. Pascal's wife, singer-actress Phoebe Casper, develops a mad crush on composer Anthony Newton that threatens to ruin her marriage and dislodge Susan Ross as the queen of Newton's heart. Meanwhile Pamela's husband, department store owner Ambrose Bartlett, lays siege to voluptuous, former dominatrix Polyxena Guzman, which completely distracts him from noticing the worshipful court being paid to his glamorous wife by the youthful Dru Baxter. Marguerite Alexander creates the Venus Club to bring all her local girlfriends in the scene closer together, but doesn't foresee that including Jane Eliot in the circle will ignite a dangerous flame of desire in the girl who was once so in love with her husband, Michael Flagg. The romance of discipline wafts through Random Point like a balmy summer breeze as its animated denizens discover just how much pleasure, passion and corporal punishment eroticism can be fit into one small month.

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