Shadow Lane, Volume 10, The Spanking Adventures of Amanda Sands

$ 16.95

By Eve Howard. Charming young spanking enthusiast Amanda Sands begins her college education in Boston, but not before making a pilgrimage to Random Point, to surprise magazine publisher Hugo Sands with the fact of her existence. Completely disarmed by the engaging coed, Hugo not only helps Amanda get connected in the scene, but also verges on being a bad influence on the well-bred and willowy blonde. Laid siege to by the alpha males in her dorm, the intelligent Amanda knows what she likes and selects only those young men who seem likely to turn a girl over a knee. Playing at school with her classmates and at large in Boston and out on the cape with more seasoned dominant men, Amanda begins piling up enough spanking adventures to keep an extremely racy diary, which the reader will follow with interest. AmandaÕs friend Thalia develops a strong crush on Hugo that resolves itself in bad behavior all around and seriously impedes HugoÕs campaign to win Laura RandomÕs hand. Meanwhile, Amanda artfully pulls the strings of her most unlikely suitor, a gruff Harvard jock that suffers keenly at her whim until the day the tables turn. The tenth volume in the Shadow Lane series abounds in traditional over the knee spanking, luxurious fetishism, seductive repartee, virile sexuality and irrepressible romance. Shadow Lane 10, The Spanking Adventures of Amanda Sands, is a 287 page trade paperback adorned with an original color cover illustration by Brian Tarsis.

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