Shadow Lane, Volume 1 and 2

$ 16.95

When Susan and Laura Ross become the proteges of sophisticated magazine publisher Hugo Sands, their adventures in the spanking scene begin. In search of the perfect dominant-submissive relationship, the mischievous sisters, along with their glamorous friend and mentor, Marguerite Alexander, experience the most voluptuous disciplinary encounters imaginable with a series of disarmingly masterful men from Cape Cod to Boston to New York. The female libertines of Random Point seek a standard of excellence in their tops that combines forcefulness and chivalry in equal parts and the search proves a complete education in the culture of corporal punishment.
In the 2nd book, all Susan Ross Ever wanted was a handsome and masterful lover who would turn her lover his knee now and then without trying to control her life. She ends up with three of them in the second volume of Shadow Lane. Bad girl episodes include: the old-fashioned schooling of Jane by Hugo, the sensuous surrender of Marguerite to Michael, the impertinent seduction of Sherman by Susan, LauraÕs naughtiness and subsequent correction, the radical adventure of Damaris in the Hollywood B&D salon and SusanÕs public spanking from Anthony at the Hellfire Club, NYC. The final chapter brings all together for a dramatic climax in which Susan plays an unexpected role.
Shadow Lane, Volume 1 & 2 (two books in one!)

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