Properly Disciplined

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Starring Katrina Rosebud as Jill Barrie, Sarai as Cynthia Claridge and Madchen as Madelene Dumont. Miss Claridge, chairman of the Lambda Sigma Zeta Alumni Reunion Committee, summons Committee Treasurer, Madelene Dumont to her home and asks that young lady to explain why the reunion funds, long set aside to pay an exclusive Santa Barbara resort for the upcoming gala weekend, have suddenly disappeared! Trembling with mortification, Madelene admits that she foolishly allowed her stockbroker boyfriend to speculate with the sorority funds and that they were subsequently lost through poor investments. The rich, powerful, sensual and sophisticated Miss Claridge decides to relieve Madelene's anxiety at once by pledging to underwrite the reunion costs herself; but in return she expects absolute and complete submission to the time honored Lambda Sigma Zeta punishment for naughty, thoughtless young sisters, i.e., a sound, bare bottom spanking. Charming, blushing Madelene, aflutter with emotion, goes across the lap of the coolheaded blonde and receives her first spanking since her sorority days. First on the seat of her pink poodle skirt, then on her pink satin panties and finally, on her peaches and cream bottom, until it too is a gorgeous shade of pink. The tender and deliciously innocent scene between Miss Claridge and Madelene, is subsequently counterpointed by a rowdy, racy comic encounter between the ladylike Miss Claridge and her next guest, Jill Barrie, Press Agent of the Lambda Sigma Zeta Reunion Committee and (as Miss Claridge has recently learned) full time adult actress. Miss Claridge says "This porno acting simply will no do!" (Lambda Sigma Zeta women do not sully the image of their sorority by appearing nude on the cover of men's magazines and performing lewd acts on video tape!) But Miss Barrie disagrees, pointing out that she only joined Lambda Sigma Zeta in the first place because of its commitment to sexual self expression. But Miss Claridge is quick to draw a distinction between refined erotica and low-toned hardcore and insists that the brazen Jill Barrie has exposed their beloved sorority to scandal and cheapened its image throughout the young feminist world. There can be only one response to such wanton exhibitionism; Miss Barrie must once again be subjected to sorority style discipline, specifically bare bottom spanking, from her senior sister, there and then. A lively and often hilarious spanking, paddling and caning scene ensues, with the defiant Jill arguing and baiting her spanking mistress through a goodly number of implement and position changes. This is a long, hard spanking session, loaded with provocative dialog and sexy angles on Jill's shapely rear. Many viewers will enjoy getting into the heads of these two very different but equally exciting women, as the cool one tops the hot one to a froth, then as a final punishment, walks out on Jill without getting her off. What's a porno star to do, but get out her vibrator and do the job herself! (Too shy to watch this sort of thing? Just shut the TV off after Katrina's spanking.) (We dare you.) To review: Scene One: Very well behaved, with the adorable Maedchen blushing through her first spanking over the knee of cool, blonde dominant Sarai. Scene Two: Contrasting the contained young mistress with the electric irreverence of Katrina Rosebud, who plays a truly annoying brat, takes a great spanking and then left to her own devices, gets out two of her favorite devices and enjoys a solo climax. (Katrina's masturbation scene is explicit, including vibrator application and dildo penetration.) Running time: 53 minutes.

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