Pay the Price

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She failed to offer tribute for trespassing on his turf, so this bold girl will have to... Pay the Price!  Starring Cheyenne Jewel and King Matty.

When a vigilant pit boss (King Matty) catches a inexperienced working girl (Cheyenne Jewel) cruising his casino, without tipping anyone first, he decides to personally administer a lesson in hooker etiquette to the clueless offender. Kitty protests her ignorance of protocol, but Mr. Aldo is unmoved and spanks her bare bottom with determination.

Mr. Aldo then asks Kitty to change into sexy lingerie for the conclusion of her first trip over his knee. Kitty endures more spanking, both with hand and leather paddle to satisfy the boss that her repentance is sincere. However, after accepting the cocktail waitress job Mr. Aldo has kindly offered her, naughty Kitty blatantly continues going up to rooms with tricks. This time both hand and tawse are strictly employed to correct her incorrigible behavior and redden her stunning bare bottom.

Mr. Aldo requires complete nudity to cap off the discipline session. Which quickly draws his attention to the natural beauty's many charms. Kitty doesn't like her spanking one little bit, but she knows it is for her own good that Mr. Aldo has treated her this way and ultimately promises to avoid all future punishments by cleaning up her act. Their attitudes towards each other both softening to a certain degree, Kitty allows Mr. Aldo to squeeze, pinch and caress her perfect 'B' cup bosom while turning her trim, curvaceous, oval bottom cheeks a dark, luscious pink with his hand. In the end, they part as friends, with perhaps the promise of more to come later.

Pay the Price features sound corporal punishment with hand, paddle and tawse, over the knee spanking, full nudity, rubbing and caressing. The production introduces the serious and dominant King Matty (Mr. Aldo) and the adorably compliant Cheyenne Jewel (Kitty) to our viewers for the first time in a traditional, no-nonsense, authority figure/guilty culprit scenario.

Running time: 42 minutes.

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