Older Men with Younger Wives II

$ 29.95

Two sisters, one very naughty (Ava Barton) and the other (Samantha Woodley) fairly nice, but easily led astray by her devil may care sibling, annoy and irritate their older husbands (Keith Jones and Ralph Marvell) into giving them the spankings they deserve in a fast paced and witty scenario that is crammed wtih hard spanking, stern scolding, masculine charisma and feminine charm. Featuring four of Shadow Lane's most popular and entertaining players, together in a video for the first time. When a daring, young feminist marries a hard headed disciplinarian -- something's gotta give -- a spanking! In this case, it's the tireless arm of Keith Jones. Constantly amusing dialog meets consistently serious corporal punishment as adorable Samantha Woodley kicks and squirms her way through many uncomfortable moments across the monumental lap of her real life lover, Ralph Marvell in the closest we've come to a spanking sitcom yet. Older Men With Younger Wives II sparkles with girlish mischief and tingles with traditional taming techniques. You'll grin with approval as disobedient sisters receive stinging corrections from both their righteous mates and indignant brothers in law in Older Men With Younger Wives II. Running time: 46 minutes.

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