No Ifs, Ands - Just Butts! 1

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A rear view collection of Shadow Lane beauties upturned, uncovered and spanked rosy red.

No Ifs, Ands - Just Butts! 1 is a bountiful video clip compilation, wherein the cynosure of each vignette is the well-spanked, blushing seat of a naughty, punished lady. In response to popular demand, Shadow Lane presents a big, juicy, hour and a half compendium of bare bottom spanking close up, featuring our most glamorous and shapely submissives, receiving the corporal punishment they deserve. Everyone knows that the fully exposed, well-rounded and deeply reddened behind of an attractive female culprit is the absolute visual focus of the most intense spanking fantasies. Many people can only put themselves in the mood for spanking play, spanking masturbation and post spanking sex by visualizing that luscious backside getting rosier and rosier as the discipline progresses.

This collection takes you to that special spanking place and keeps you there for a thrillingly erotic video experience. All the spotlights are turned on the bouncing buttocks of 21 beautiful Shadow Lane girls as their flawless backsides are paddled and spanked in classic style. First the viewer gets a quick look at the lovely face of the lady being punished, then it's all rear action to the end of each scene. Needless to say, the spanking in these video excerpts is good and hard!

No Ifs, Ands - Just Butts! 1 is a 90 minute spankstravaganza showcasing the glorious glutes of some of the most callipygous ladies in the scene.

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