Naughty Mia

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

Vinnie and Mia are Visiting L.A. when she loses all their cash. On top of which she disobeys him and gets a tattoo. Is it any wonder that a good, hard spanking follows the moment the culprit gets home? Righteous indignation powers Vinnie's arm as he severely smacks Mia's bottom scarlet red. Extremely sound spanking, with hand, hairbrush, paddle and strap highlight this traditional corporal punishment drama. Mia Moon is as real as they come. She can take the longest, hardest spankings and deserves them. Check out the fine spanking story she wrote for Stand Corrected Jr. Issue #5. Mia makes her spanking video debut for Shadow Lane in NAUGHTY MIA, 34 minutes.

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