Mischief Makers 3

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Two cute, spoiled-rotten sisters (Sarah Gregory and Jenni Mack) are initiated into Braemar Prep corporal punishment by their new head mistress, Miss Chris Grey. Each bad girl is turned over her teacher's lap and spanked in two scenes, first properly attired in school uniform and then, just before bed, in pajamas. Her last nerve worked by the naughty brats, Miss Chris finally pulls them both across her ample lap simultaneously for an epic double spanking that reddens their exquisite bare bottoms to perfection. The first spankings are awarded to the sisters for attempting to steal the answers to their midterm exam. Miss Grey walks in in time to hear Sarah excoriating Jenni for swiping last weeks' answers, which are naturally useless to them. Their teacher already knows about the theft, thanks to a hidden camera in her office, but she makes them admit their wrongdoing and apologize for it profusely before punishing the guilty pair in traditional over the knee fashion. During the first spanking, Sarah protests loudly and kicks her pretty legs, throwing all the blame on her younger sister. But Jenni will have none of this and points out without hesitation that Sarah was the impetus for her crime, as is generally the cases between them. Sarah, by far, the naughtier sister, is caught cramming m&m's into her mouth by Miss Grey during Jenni's spanking, as though it were a spectator sport. This of course results in an immediate return engagement over Miss Grey's ample lap, which impels Sarah to kick and squirm even more vigorously, like the bad little brat that she is. After their spankings, both girls are made to kneel on the leather bench with their pink bottoms on display. The girls' second round of punishment occurs that night at bedtime, when they are caught swigging Mexican beer in their pj's. They are subsequently forced to reveal that they have been given the contraband libations by the boys in the neighboring dorm, with whom they have been consorting in an unapproved manner. The young ladies are hairbrush and paddle spanked over their buttock-molding pajama pants as well as very thoroughly on the bare. The girls are engagingly lively as they are made to dance to the tune of discipline in the privacy of the common room. Sarah's bad little brat responses, her fantastic physical reactions and through and through naughtiness will be a joy to the heart of every disciplinarian watching, while Jenni's poised loveliness and lissome, leggy form are sure to beguile every connoisseur of budding youth and beauty. Miss Chris gives a most sincere and heartfelt scolding for every offence the girls are guilty of and follows up with volley after volley of tremendously vigorous corporal punishment. This is obviously a lady who enjoys taking control of younger women and compelling them to behave like proper, well-bred pupils. Mischief Makers 3, Sarah and Jenni get Spanked, is a pure school discipline scenario, with three magnetic new female spanking enthusiasts working with us for the first time. This video is also Miss Jenni Mack's debut! Hard spanking with hand and hairbrush, big responses and beautiful fresh, new talent give sparkle and excitement to Mischief Makers 3. Running time: 56 minutes.

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