Mischief Makers 2 - Judgment Day

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Starring Samantha Woodley as Crystal, Sierra Salem as Melissa and Arthur Sire as Claude. These two little angels were naughty as hell, but soon they learned their lesson well. Stunning young Crystal (Samantha Woodley), brings her most beautiful best friend Melissa (Sierra Salem) to Claude's (Arthur Sire) small resort, offering to trade part time waitressing and house keeping services for room and board, until their next college term commences. Claude agrees to employ the girls, but he knows trouble when he see it, and plans to keep a sharp eye on his new employees. Claude's tiki bar is the center of the resort and he doesn't scruple to let the girls know that the liquor stored there is for the paying guests only, not the help. Also there are beds to be made first thing in the morning and guests to feed and check out. The girls vow to be model employees and perfect angels. At 3 p.m. on the following day, Claude is wiping down the bar when his two new assistants trundle home, after a night of partying on the Las Vegas strip. Reminding the irresponsible brunettes that they had promised to be up bright and early making beds and preparing breakfast for his departing guests, Claude doesn't hesitate in grabbing first one girl, then the other, marching them across the yard to a convenient fountain platform, sitting down and pulling first Crystal and then Melissa over his knee, to administer to each a stinging correction. Progressing with each girl from spanking on the skirt to spanking on the panties to spanking on the bare bottom, Claude smacks them good and hard, repeatedly, until both young women are profoundly regretful of having neglected their duties and only too glad to express their contrition and promise with all their hearts to be oh so very good from now on. It's a gorgeous scene, shot in the sun, that exposes the ravishing bottoms and legs of the two naughty angels in the most dramatic style possible, with each trim, toned and curvaceous backside turned from purest cream to deepest rose under Claude's strict, relentless palm. Melissa suggests that they raid the bar and create Sex on the Beach cocktails for themselves, in order to mitigate the pain of the spankings they have just endured. Obtaining the ingredients, they retreat to a secluded swing and gleefully begin to get ripped.This is big fun, until Claude tracks them down, both marches and drags them into the lanai and again, spanks them both, long and hard. Exasperated that each of his simple rules has been systematically disobeyed, he puts Crystal over one knee and spanks her vigorously, while her lovely limbs kick in the air. Next, Claude bends them over side by side, for a protracted discipline session. These are beautiful but irritating brats, gravely in need of instruction, and if necessary, severe punishments, to curb their immature behavior. Claude welcomes the opportunity to instill fear and trembling into the pair of selfish play girls. The results are most gratifying, as every connoisseur of piquantly positioned, charmingly costumed, fresh, young, naughty girls being seriously disciplined will observe. We are equally certain that our many female viewers will be the first to notice the perfect chemistry between Samantha Woodley as Crystal, Sierra Salem as Melissa (who are best friends in real life and even share the same birthday) and Arthur Sire as Claude. Arthur agreed at the outset that in order to cope with the type of mischief produced by the combination of the bewitching 22 year old Samantha and her dangerously disobedient 20 year old cohort, Sierra, he would have to be very, very strict, administering many smacks and few lectures. It's the spanking they notice and remember anyway and in this case, it's extended and hard, with plenty of lively reaction to show that it's making a difference. Mischief Makers II is going down in Shadow Lane history as one of our hottest spanking videos ever. But how could we go wrong with a cast this appealing, and every one a lifelong spanking enthusiast? You'll love the look, the energy, the sheer brisk and bristling spanking content of Mischief Makers II - Judgment Day. Running time: 55 minutes.

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