Just Asking for It

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Madison Young takes the sex and spanking video to the whole next level in Just Asking For It, starring Madison Young and Butch Simms.

Political Activist Karen Just (Madison Young) arouses Butch Simms from a sound sleep the morning after a late night at the club where he works. When telling her to go away a number of times fails to stop the persistent pollster from knocking, Butch rolls out of bed and drags her into her studio to give an accounting of herself. Karen Just is unfazed by Simm's glowering looks and blithely begins to recite the political slogans she has memorized in opposition to an amendment that proposes a special candy tax.

Pronouncing himself resoundingly in favor of a tax on sweets, Butch responds to the unsolicited visit by taking Karen over his knee and spanking her through the sheer fabric of her clinging turquoise dress with characteristic vigor. Surprisingly, she doesn't balk, but takes every swat. She wants an audience and will have it one way or the other! And although she squirms and cries 'ouch' out loud, it is very clear that her shapely little bottom is no stranger to a hard, masculine hand.

Feeling the pleasant weight of the small, extremely shapely redhead wriggling across his muscle corded thighs, Butch begins to realize that Karen Just may be much more than just a Sunday morning pest, she may be a Sunday morning love affair just waiting to happen. Flipping up her skirt and inspecting his handiwork with satisfaction, Butch notes that Karen's radiant bisque- toned skin colors up quickly and beautifully as well as the fact that she doesn't seems to mind it when he pulls her panties down. In fact, she continues trying to argue politics, as her backside grows hotter and pinker beneath Butch Simms' relentless punishing palm.

As punishment for annoying him, Butch spanks Karen soundly, in a steady, rhythmic fashion, for perhaps twenty minutes, periodically scolding his morning caller and making bad puns at the expense of her quickly reddening backside. Wriggling in distress and bucking across his lap, Karen is still determined to get what she came for, a signed petition protesting the candy tax. Butch asks Miss Just what she could possibly offer him as an inducement to him to change his mind when he votes. Karen replies quite frankly that everything is on the table. She just cares that much about preserving the rights of the individual.

Butch fingers Karen and finds her very wet and extremely. The natural redhead is a hot, young, apparently submissive woman and suddenly there seem to be no limits beyond them. Inflamed by the spanking, she seems to crave sex and Butch is more than able to supply this simple want. Karen strips off her charming outfit and reveals the lovely proportions of her slender but well-rounded form and beguiling complexion.

Karen gives Butch flawless head and this gets both of them in the mood for the deeply penetrating hardcore sex that shortly follows. Pile driving intercourse and plenty of it occurs in the spanking-heated room before petite powerhouse Karen coaxes a mighty orgasm from her host's impressive cock with her mouth, delicate hands and every seductive wile at her disposal.

The totally explicit penetration is photographed up close and from multiple angles, preserving every drop of excitement. With her cat's eyes glasses and wide, red, promising mouth, Madison Young is the slutty and disarmingly intelligent Art School girl of our dreams. For Butch Simms, the dream came true and this spontaneous spanking adventure has the sexual chemistry to prove it.

Running time: 52 minutes.

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